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What is Squirting or Female Ejaculation?

If you’re curious about girls squirting and how you can get your girl to that level of arousal? You have definitely come to the right place. you see, sex is a very intimate act and we cannot overstate the benefits, whether physical, emotional or psychological. Indeed, it seems that we are still exploring new ways to pleasure ourselves sexually. Squirting happens when a woman is very aroused, and if you’ve ever been with a girl, you would know it takes a lot to get that level of arousal. Sex usually ends in one or both partners climaxing or having an orgasm. While men ejaculate and release semen, for women it’s not so straightforward. Some women reach orgasm without expelling any fluids at all. That said, girls squirting is perfectly normal and natural, even though many of us don’t discuss it. If you’re lucky, this is the first post you’re reading about girls squirting. Some others are not so lucky, having come across opinions where girls squirting is literally labelled a taboo. 

To avoid any confusion going forward, there are two types of female ejaculation.

i. Squirting Fluid: This is usually a colourless odourless fluid, occurring in large quantities

ii. Ejaculate Fluid: This fluid resembles male semen more closely. It is typically thick and usually appears milky.

A recent study shows that well over 50% of women squirt naturally during sex. The thing is, most of them don’t notice. This is most likely possible because rather than leaving the body through the urethra, the fluid can flow back into the bladder where it secretes during arousal.

When girls squirt, it is more due to their bodies reaction during arousal, than as a by-product of orgasm. So when it looks like she has a puddle down there, she might have had a little squirting experience. 

Perhaps one of the biggest misinformation about girls squirting is that squirting is pee or urine, forcefully released during intercourse. This one misconception is probably why a lot of people see squirting as abnormal or bad.

The truth is, the fluid from squirting is not the urine, but since it is secreted in the bladder, there is a high possibility that it can mix with urine. During a study, it was shown that women with empty bladders had their bladders filled during arousal, but not with urine as previously suspected.

How to Make a Girl Squirt? 

The thumb rule for pleasuring women is to stimulate her G-spot as often as you can. If you’re new to this, you might want to take time to get to know your girl’s body and how she responds to stimulation.

To get to the G-spot however, be sure NEVER to just stick your fingers and poke your way around. There is always a process to these things and even though intimacy happens naturally, having a mental list you should run through, ensures you give her the best of experiences. Think of it as a journey of pleasure, where the highpoint is stimulating her g-spot, drive her to orgasm and make her squirt.

To get your girl to reach orgasm, you will need to maintain a steady level of stimulation. Most times, women fail to reach climax because of the intensity fluctuates. Occasional pauses so you both can catch your breaths is a nice way to build anticipation, but long pauses during sex are a turn-off.

Now, we’re almost certain that your girl believes that she can’t squirt, But the truth is all women squirt. Sometimes you don’t even need a partner to make that happen. The thing is, some women unknowingly sabotage their ability to squirt.

Most women associate the feeling before ejaculation with urinating or they’re worried about what will come out, so they unconsciously hold back. A simple solution to this is to pee before sex. After that, just focus on orgasm, not minding the kind of pressure you feel as you’re being pleasured.

For most women, orgasm and ejaculation happens at the same time, just like it happens with men. You might have to pause for a bit so your partner catches her breath and maybe rehydrates. Remember, the G-spot. That’s where all the magic happens. But before you get there, here’s a few things you’ll need to do along the way:

1. Romantic Atmosphere

This perhaps is one of the most important things on your journey to make a woman squirt and give her mind-blowing orgasms. You need to set the mood and put effort into preparing your surroundings.

A little cleanup and tidying, some towels close by for cleanup after orgasms and possible ejaculations or squirting and a welcoming atmosphere will go a long way to create the ambience for awesome sex.

You need to make sure she feels completely comfortable. She needs to be at ease. Squirting for women is a very intimate response to arousal, and your girl needs to know she’s safe and can be vulnerable around you. This is especially important if she had an experience squirting before and feels embarrassed doing it with you. Most women in this position will seize and contract their muscles to prevent that from happening.

2. Relaxing Body Massage

If you want to get her to squirt, then get her great relaxing body massage. Everybody loves a good massage, but for women, there’s a psychological connection between relaxing their tense muscles through light massages and going on to great sex later. Try to start with appendages, massaging and stretching her toes with sex oil and kneading her feet. Work your way up her thighs. Having massage oils and sensual liquids will help make the process more enjoyable for you both. You get to see her writhe in pleasure as you knead her muscles.

While most people believe foreplay starts from kissing, more experienced hands know that a good massage, in a great environment as previously discussed, will help you both transition into having a full sensual experience.

3. Understand Her Body Needs

To get your girl squirting, you’ll need to have some level of knowledge about her body and her preferences. Women react differently to some simulations and while these differences might be minute, it is important to try your best to tailor her experience to what she prefers. The slight kisses on sensitive areas, mild caresses and other little things actually count. Before anything, you can have an intimate conversation about what you both like. Sometimes, a five-minute conversation can go a long way to give you both a breathtaking sensual experience. Try to get her to give as much information as she’s willing to. Though some women don’t feel so comfortable talking about it, assure her that it’ll all be used to help her get a great sexual experience. You’re well on your way to work some magic!

4. Begin with Foreplay

After massaging her for about 10 minutes, you can slowly transition to light make out by kissing lightly on her skin. This should happen while your hands are still all over her, kneading her muscles. For example, while kneading her ass, you can kiss her neck and depending on your position, use your other arm to squeeze her breast. Slightly move the hand kneading her ass between her thighs. Run a finger along her slit, until you begin to feel some wetness. Usually, she will already be wet from reactions to the massage, but some women secret fluids more than others. Take time to kiss and fondle other parts of her body. You can replace your hand kneading her breast, with your mouth at intervals, sucking her, and twirling your tongue around her nipples. Pay a lot of attention to her clit, by running your tongue lightly along with it, occasionally flicking your tongue lightly on the hood covering her clit. 

Foreplay usually lasts between 15-30 minutes. Sometimes longer. Usually, the longer it is, the better your chances of making her squirt. Foreplay increases her level of arousal. Do these things before you get into the action, and you’re well on your way to give her an unforgettable experience.

What is Squirting during Sex?

Making a woman squirt during sex is more of an accumulation of all the sensations and arousal build up from foreplay. Now you know why the steps highlighted above are very important.

Sometimes during penetration, your girl will no longer be able to hold back the sensations and jet out fluids, even before orgasm. This in no way signifies that intercourse is over. In that state actually, they have reached the height of arousal and will be demanding for more. It is not unusual for women to squirt during sex, so you and your partner need to normalize the occurrence.

Know Squirting Sex Positions

While squirting happens due to arousal, there are some positions that increase the possibility of you getting your girl to squirt. These are very sensual positions that are sure to cause maximum stimulations for both of you. Some of these positions include:

i. Coital Alignment

This position is similar to missionary, but the difference is that the man’s pubic region is pressed against the woman’s. This makes it look like he is grinding her vagina rather than pulling in and out. The rhythmic grinding on her clitoris will induce orgasm quickly. Another benefit is that it will allow you to kiss her and moan in her ear while you are in this position. These things arouse her and will possibly drive her to orgasm and maybe squirting.

 ii. Doggy Style

This is a great position that will allow your girl to play with her clit as you penetrate from behind. You can alter the angle of penetration, so you’re hitting her G-spot with every thrust. This position is particularly stimulating as it gives you the opportunity to reach for her breasts. Some women are particularly aroused when you fondle their breasts. If your woman is one of them, be rest assured that you might be changing sheets before the evening is over. You’ll both have that memorable night you both crave.

 iii. Girl on Top/Cowgirl 

This position is quite similar in effect to the coital alignment described above. By being on top, she does the grinding, while you lightly thrust back into her. The synced motions cause her walls to contract, bringing your penis in contact with her g-spot multiple times. Sometimes she might lean into you, giving you the opportunity to put more power into your thrusts. While she’s grinding into you, you can reach for her breasts and squeeze lightly. This position is especially intimate and stimulating, so don’t be surprised when you both reach orgasm after a few minutes.

Sexual Lubrication for Better Stimulation

As you well know, the more lubricated your woman is, the more intense the sensations will be for both of you. To get your girl squirting, you will need to get her as wet as possible. To help with this, you can use lubricants. Using lubes helps you enhance the sensations for both of you. This lube is made to work with latex condoms and even with your bare skin. If your woman needs a lot of stimulation to get her wet, then using a lube increases her chances of having orgasms and even squirting in the process.

Squirting is gradually being accepted as a normal process. It is a reaction to arousal and sexual stimulation. You need to get your partner to normalize this reaction so she feels comfortable sharing this intimate reaction with you. Using the processes and positions outlined above, you will be sure to make some progress in arousing your partner to orgasms and squirting. 

Making girls squirt is not a daunting task if you know your way around, but neither is it as simple. In the end, the idea is to focus on pleasuring your partner. The rest will inadvertently follow.

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