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What Is Sex Toy & How to Use them?

Sex toys are specially designed to bring that extra loving into the bedroom, whether alone or with a partner these objects can for sure take pleasure to a different level. The vast variety of sex toys designed specifically for men as well as women gives couples the chance to explore their sexuality and their partner’s bodies in the most sensual way. Sex toys enhance intimate relationships and help achieve that big O with a lot of fun.

Easy to use, clean and store the shape design and intensity of sex toys are made keeping in mind the male and female bodies and what makes them weak in the knees. Using sexy toys are fairly easy, there are penetrating toys, non-penetrating toys, and accessories available for pleasure since the body has quite a few erogenous zones each one of them can be explored with toys.

What are Pleasure Toys?

Pleasure toy is quite an appropriate term since it brings a lot of fun into vanilla sex, Available in a range of vibrating and non-vibrating toys these can help add fun in masturbation as well as couple play. While most pleasure toys are unisex there are specially designed toys to please men and women individually as well.

Toys for women 

Most women claim to have never experienced satisfying orgasms or one at all, toys for women range from Vibrators, Dildos, Anal plugs, Ben wa balls and more bringing a lot of joy to women helping them reach full sexual satisfaction and healthy relationships with oneself. Specific toys like G spot vibrators or clitoral stimulators are available to choose from depending upon preference, while most sex toys for women do come in a phallus shape to mimic the male penis the visual aid proves to be quite sensual.

Female Vibrator

Toys for men 

While most people may believe that sex toys are primarily designed for women and maybe it started out that way, today, there is a vast collection of sex toys for male pleasure as well. Most toys like Vibrators, Dildos, Prostate massagers, Plugs, Ben wa balls etc are unisex and are frequently enjoyed by men too. Sex toys also extend to accessories such as nipple clamps, handcuffs, bondage equipment and more and merely depend upon preference, style, and fantasy for both men and women.

Mastubator cup

Are Sex Toys Safe to Use?

Like any sexual aid knowing how to use them correctly is key, Sex toys will be effectively provided you choose the one that suits your needs, for example, if clitoral play is the only thing that helps you orgasm you can resort to using clitoral stimulators and clamp toys than going for a regular massager or penetration toy.

The best ways to make sure sex toys are safe to use –

1.   Be responsible and maintain hygiene, be sure to always keep all your sex toys and accessories clean, wash/pat/clean after every single use and always store separately in a dry place.

2.   Use a condom even on sex toys, even though you clean them regularly and thoroughly to ensure precaution it is best to always use a condom with penetrating toys especially when sharing one with a partner.

3.   Use materials that suit you and your partner and that none are allergic to. Silicone or glass toys are easy to use, usually suits one and all and are very easy to clean.

4.   Carefully read about all the materials/chemicals used to make the toy, research the materials if you are unaware of them in the first place.

5.   The porous material is not the best idea as they can easily attract bacteria and cause infections upon use.  Check if the toy has a water-resistant surface, nonporous sex toys are easy to maintain and have a longer shelf life.

Again, Sex toys are fun and easy if one maintains them correctly, the best way to use them is to own one of your own instead of sharing so you can control the usage and cleanliness of the same.  Remember these will be coming in contact with the most sensitive parts of your body that should be motivation enough to be careful of its use, wash and care.

What are the different types of Sex Toys?

Pleasure toys for men

1. Masturbators – One of the popular types of male toys are flesh-lights, mimicking the insides of a female vagina the design and shape are made to cater to the needs of men. Masturbators are a fun sex accessory for your me time.


2.  Penis rings – Another regularly bought and used sex toy is the Penis rings, available in both vibrating and manual capacity these penis rings form vibrations that can cause immense pleasure.

penis ring

3. Anal pleasure – Most men today irrespective of their orientation enjoy experimenting and exploring new avenues of pleasure, Crystal plugs, ben wa balls, dildos, and vibrators do just that for men. Stimulating prostate massagers are available for anal sex for men apart from a huge variety of glass dildos and vibrators of course.

ben wa balls

Pleasure toys for women

1. Vibrators and Dildos – Well known products like Vibrators and Dildos allow women to take charge of their sexual wellness, play with the speed, intensity and size of a vibrator or enjoy the manual power of a sexy dildo, pleasure toys have been known to increase the chances of Orgasms for women.

What Is Sex Toy & How to Use them? 1

2.  Clitoral Stimulators and Massagers – No two people are the same, similarly what works for one might not for the other, a variety of sex toys for women like clitoral stimulators, G-spot bullet vibrators, and body massagers helps in picking the erogenous zone that you’re most enjoy playing with.

3.  Anal pleasure – Love sex, ‘butt’ want something more? While it may be a widely known fact that most sex toys cater to women due to their phallus shape, look and feel there is a range of toys specially designed for anal pleasure. Butt plus, prostate vibrators, and glass dildos are among a few.

butt plug

However, most of the toys are unisex and apart from specific male/women toys, most can be enjoyed by both of them. Accessories, equipment’s and toys of Bondage like Nipple clamps, chastity devices, mouth gags, handcuffs, harnesses etc are unisex and can be enjoyed if the preference calls for it.

How To Use Sex Toys?

All pleasure toys come with instructions of use and a label/manual for a better understanding of the product. using sex toys is extremely simple though it is important to understand that each and every product is different and so are their functionalities. Whether you’re a beginner or an avid collector Adult toys and accessories are effective only when you use them correctly.

  • Every toy is different when you plan on purchasing a pleasure toy, make sure you do some research on the same beforehand.  Read about the brand you choose and how the functionality of the particular product works, watch videos of the same products to make sure you do not overwhelm yourself.
  • While penetrating toys are pretty straight forward to use and the back & forth motion is the primary function of each and everyone, the vibrating (battery operated) will come with different intensities, speed, and functions, while the and non-vibrating (manual function) dildos and massagers can be used according to one’s wishes.
  • Anal toys like prostate massagers, butt plugs and ben wa balls can be used with the help of a water-based lubricant so as to avoid any discomfort and focus on pleasure.
  • Non-penetrating toys like clitoral stimulator, bondage accessories like handcuffs, gags, harnesses and pain products are understandable and flexible to use and can be fashioned tight or loose according to one’s comfort and fantasy.

What Are the Benefits of Pleasure Toy?

  •  Add spice to your vanilla sex life by adding fun sex toys and exploring your partner’s fantasies,
  •  Pleasure toys encourage partners to indulge in conversations surrounding one’s fantasies and desires, not only does this enhance relationships but also boosts overall sexual wellness.
  •  Vanilla sex while fulfilling (or not at times) can turn monotonous very easily, enjoy pleasure and a healthy sex life when you add something unique and fun in the mix.
  •  One of the benefits that Sex toys bring to an individual’s life is that they enhance masturbation experience and help you take charge of your sexual needs, they are also known to help attain better and stronger orgasms.
  •  Many women today due to various factors suffer from the inability to orgasms and simply cannot enjoy in bed, sex toys can come to your rescue and help reach satisfactory orgasms.
  •  This benefit is more inclined towards women as One cannot get pregnant using a pleasure toy, so enjoy away worry-free.

What Are Its Disadvantages of Erotic Toys

  •  One can get addicted to these babies, regular use may cause an unusual attachment to the toy.
  • Using too much of vibrating toys can cause sensitive areas to numb, sensual sensations such as fingers or hands might not do the trick if certain areas like clitoris or shaft of the penis are exposed to intense vibrations.
  • It is good to include toys in your sex life but only at times especially if you have an active sex life with a partner.
  • While for a quickie or masturbation toys are a boon the whole process of arousal and foreplay is cut down by a lot with a partner when including a toy, the time it takes to arouse oneself and partner as well as lubricate enough to enjoy what comes next this experience is taken away by vibrating toys
  • Many people also confess that due to Overuse of sex toys an Inability to orgasm without the toy is formed.

What Precaution Should You Take While Using Sex Toys?

Indulge in pleasure toys for a better and healthier sex life but before doing so understand sex toys safety whether used for masturbation or couple play.

Always use condoms it helps maintain cleanliness of the product as well as longevity and also saves from bacteria and infections. Use sex toy with a partner only with their consent and replace the used condom with a new one before switching between vaginal and anal sex or especially when sharing it with your partner. Taking necessary precautions not only ensures your safety but also shield you and your partner from STD’s and infections.

How Should You Buy Toys for sex?

If you are a beginner it is recommended to start small, whether you are looking to enhance your alone time or add something special to your partner play.

Start with something like a massager and explore your body with it instead of instantly going for a penetration device. Do not be overwhelmed in the beginning start with a smaller size in dildos or vibrators and see how that works for you, once you have explored the intensities and functioning of the toys and your skin becomes accustomed to the touch, feel and vibrations you can go ahead and invest in something stronger. Starting out with non-vibrating toys is a good idea as the speed, intensity and power play is still in your control.

How to Clean Sex Toys?

Storage and cleanliness play a very important role in maintaining the longevity of sex toys and of course keeping at bay any infections or diseases.  

Carefully clean each toy separately depending upon their material, clean them after every single use and wipe them down before sharing (in case you are not using a condom).

Remove the battery from all-electric or automated toys before cleaning and wipe them down with warm soapy water (do not submerge battery operated toys in water unless they disassemble and can be cleaned separately).

As for non-vibrating toys like the dildo, ben wa balls, penis rings you can always gently soak them in mild soapy water and clean them out. Silicone toys can be boiled in water to kill germs and bacteria.

Remember to store each toy or accessory separately, covered or packed so as to avoid dust particulates to accumulate, especially if you have invested in porous materials (best to avoid porous materials and invest in water-resistant toys).

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