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Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring and My Awesome Experience with it

I was not quite in for using sex toys and accouterments although my beau had often insisted that we try some out to perk up the passion quotient in our bedroom. Why should we take to toys when we could satisfy each other quite well ourselves? However, one day while browsing online I came across the Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring which seemed interesting to me and I instantly ordered it to try it out. As the name suggested it was a vibrating ring with a battery inside that made it go bizzzz and was supposed to give pleasure galore to both partners. I thought of surprising him with it the next time we met.

As we were close to getting aroused and before he entered me I took out the Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring from under my pillow and inserted it inside his erect organ. He looked at me astonishingly but I held him close to my body and whispered in his ears to proceed with what he was going to do. As he went in and out in his usual gentle motions the ring started vibrating and send triggers down his organ and into my sensitive spot with greater vibrations. It was an awesome feeling, something I never thought some artificial object could lend your lovemaking session and needless to say I was aroused and juicy in a matter of a few minutes.

The Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring worked wonders while we tried out different positions rendering my whole body with an unusually erotic bliss as the ring vibrated along my labial wall, tickling my clitoris and sending the vibrations right down to reach my G-Spot. He too was filled with satisfaction galore as was evident from his expressions and the way he tightened his thighs just before letting his juices squirt out on my buttocks. The ring worked wonders not as something that was to become a necessary accouterment for our sex sessions thereafter but as a great sex toy that was there to play and pump our passions up especially the days when we both used to be tired to the dregs. Thanks to the Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring our sex life found some more reasons to venture into the experimental avenues and I could let go off my traditional views of sticking to conventional ways of lovemaking.


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