Intimate Hygiene V-Wash: How to Use, Ingredients, Review & Advantages

Personal care for women comes in different varieties, from beauty and care to hygiene and necessities, personal hygiene is something every individual should be taking care of on priority.

Taking care of one’s intimate hygiene is extremely essential, more often than not intimate hygiene is overlooked by women in the daily cleansing process, this can lead to infections, irritation and even illnesses like Cancer. There are dedicated and specially formulated products like V wash that can help look after the cleanliness and overall health of your intimate area.

Some Frequently asked questions that women have are how to use v wash since it’s the first of its kind product designed to help women with their intimate hygiene, there are varieties of V wash product available here you can learn how to use v wash cream and the how to use v wash review as well.

What Is VWash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash?

V wash is a hygiene product, specially designed for women to help them maintain the cleanliness, health and the pH level of the Vaginal area. As the name suggests it is an intimate hygiene wash product.

Keeping oneself clean is more than just about hygiene, it contributes to a person’s overall health and keeps diseases and infections at bay, water or soap are effective for cleaning but your intimate area ( vagina ) should maintain a pH level of 3.5-4.5 which cannot be achieved with just water and soap, hence, V wash ( very appropriately named) comes to the rescue.

The intimate area is by its very nature a combination of constant discharge, wetness, and odour, the use of V wash plus or a feminine wash product is the way to go, it is also safe to use during your menstruation cycle as well as pregnancy and keeps your intimate area dry, clean and odour free.

What are The Ingredients of V Wash?

The ingredients that make up V wash are Organic in nature and essentially are a combination of Lactic Acid, several surfactants for foaming and cleansing purposes, Sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil.

Lactic Acid – The Lactic acid formulation in this product helps maintain the pH level of the Vagina, hence this is one of the most essential ingredients of V wash, and effective too.

Tea Tree Oil – Tea tree oil is known for its numerous benefits to health and skin, a wonder oil tea tree is used in V wash because it keeps infections primarily fungal infection at bay, it has anti-inflammatory properties and leaves your skin healthy and clean.

Sea Buckthorn Oil – Sea buckthorn oil is a very popular choice to help women overcome vaginal dryness, it also helps prevent skin inflammation and infections, packed with bioflavonoids sea buckthorn oil use can also prevent cancer. A boost to your immunity system this oil is rich in omega-7 fatty acids.

Why Women Should Use V Wash Plus

Here is the scenario of a what a vagina on the outside feels like on an average day – Hairy, sweaty, smelly, wet, constant discharge etc and etc. While this is normal no matter how clean you keep yourself, it most certainly is not healthy.

Vaginal health is vital and no matter how things were done in the past today women more than ever need to maintain a healthy body, mind and soul. Knowing what ingredients are put into the products that come in contact with your skin directly is very important and VWash intimate hygiene consists of Organic and effective ingredients only.

Using intimate hygiene helps maintain the pH level, keeps the vagina dry, clean and odour free, keeps you protected from fungal infections and irritation as well.

How to Use V wash?

A Frequently asked query you may come across is how to use v wash liquid, it could not be simpler, three easy steps can help you keep your Vagina clean and healthy –

  1. Pour a few drops on your palm (just a few drops will do, it would lather so you don’t need a lot)
  2. Apply gently and thoroughly (only apply on the external part of your intimate area, not internal)
  3. Wash the area thoroughly with water (there is no need to apply soap before or after)

Understanding how to use v wash plus can completely change your outlook about vaginal hygiene and health.

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What Precautions You Should follow While Using V Wash?

While the ingredients used in V wash are skin-friendly and Organic every product does not necessarily suit everybody, it is essential to establish if the product would suit your skin and show effective results or not. It is recommended to –

  • Consult your doctor before using this, especially if you are on any medication, share your medical history/allergies with your doctor and confirm if V wash is safe for you to use.
  • In case you are using any Allopathy, homeopathy, herbal medications, any at all, do not fail to mention the same to your medical professional before trying out this product.
  • Like all beauty or personal care product, a patch test is a rule and a safe way to establish if it works for you, use V wash in a small patch on your hand or things and wait to see if it has any adverse reactions, if no then you are good to go.
  • Follow the instructions written on the box/product and use it only that way. Take care of the dosage as well and do not exceed that amount.
  • In case of any reaction, side effects or unknown sensation simply rinse thoroughly, stop using the product and consult your doctor immediately.
  • v wash how to use during pregnancy? While V wash is absolutely safe to use for pregnant women as well as during menstruation confirm with your doctor once as your health condition may differ from another.

What Are its Advantages

The need to maintain hygiene is a well-known fact especially intimate hygiene, using an intimate wash like V wash helps for a number of reasons

  •  Helps maintain the pH level
  • has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • helps keep infections and diseases at bay
  • reduces vaginal dryness and discomfort
  • helps treat the sensitive parts of your intimate area with care

What are its disadvantages

Like every product, V wash may in rare cases cause side effects, this is the only disadvantage – it may cause and allergic reaction or be unsuitable for people with poor health conditions especially skin.

When used correctly V wash can work effectively and help stay dry and clean throughout the day, however for menopausal women or women suffering from vaginal dryness already may see adverse effects of V wash, hence, consult a doctor before using this.

How Much Does It Cost?

The V wash plus intimate hygiene is available in many sizes, from pocket-friendly 20 and 50ml to a daily use 100, 200 and 350-ml bottles respectively can be found at a pharmacy or hypermarkets near you.

(please note below are the MRP)

20 ml – INR 40/-

100 ml – INR 180/-

200 ml – INR 275/-

350 ml – INR 415/-

Frequently Asked Questions

intimate hygiene V-Wash

Frequently asked questions about the V Wash intense hygiene products differ from person to person, However, the most common of them all are below three – 

1.  Does It Contain Harmful chemicals?

The ingredients in V wash are essentially organic in nature and it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

2.  Does it cause Itchiness?

On the contrary, it rids of any unwanted itchiness that is caused due to an unhygienic or unclean vagina. The sensation to ich may arise only in the case where the product does not suit your skin or in the rare case of an allergic reaction.

3.  Is V wash Safe to Use?

Yes, V wash is made of organic and skin-friendly ingredients, hence it is safe to use. For a more fulfilling experience, you can consult your doctor and confirm the same from them.

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