Bedroom Tips for Couples

Top places to explore in bed

Being sensual is better than being carnal if you want to please your partner physically and mentally. The pleasure of sex is to a significant extent based in the mind and the emotions that you arouse in her are more responsible in achieving her orgasm than the force of your thrust or the passion of your touch. While vigorous and energetic copulation has its uses and pleasures, most women prefer a long slow and soft initiation into sex.


The neck is one of the most important erogenous places in the body. Just under the ear in the soft flesh there are numerous nerve endings that are sensitive to even the slightest touch. While kissing her you can run your fingers around her neck and under hear ear to enhance the pleasure. Licking the spot is also a good idea to get her aroused quickly. A quick ice massage around the area is sure to get her mad enough to press you down there.


The breasts are one of the most fundamental sexual organs of the body. Being weaned at the breasts creates a great fascination for them in the mind of every man and the nipples are particularly sensitive for women. Tugging and biting in a way  that is maddening can be the first step to endless orgies at once.  Rolling of the fingers around the nipple and the suckling in an understated yet vigorous way sets the ball rolling for wow sex.


While this may seem odd, the navel is a great place for having humorous sex. Pushing the tongue in the navel and wriggling it around generates a lot of sexual pleasure from a the tickling sensation. The idea that the tongue will soon travel downwards to the main area transports her to heights of ecstasy.


A foot fetish may seem repulsive but there are lots of nerve endings under the toes that can deliver waves of pleasure throughout the body. Massaging her foot in the intervals between sessions of sex keeps her energized and invigorated and the hormones flowing constantly. Sucking the toes can also work well if you are comfortable with it. You can throw in some casual whipping too. In fact, we suggest that while you finger her down there also focus on her feet. Doing the two at once gets her out of control.

Down and under

The vagina is, of course, the most important sexual organ of the female body. While the clitoris is a good place to start with for oral sex, in fingering reaching to the side of the vaginal wall deep inside the vagina will enable you touch her g-spot that can be felt as a series of small bumps. Make sure you add some lube and some jelly cream. The way the flavors contribute to the sense of seduction is unmatched. Tatha products coupled with some awesome chocolate cream around the thighs are enough to set the ball rolling for awesome twosome lovemaking!






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