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The Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring and Our Wild Wild Night

Have you felt the same ecstasy of your first intercourse after 15 of marital life? Well, it is only natural not to enjoy the same pleasures bogged down as we tend to get with familial responsibilities and household chores. But if you truly need to know how to bring some excitement in your bedroom even after grown0-up kids, here’s my little secret.

My husband called up from his office that night and told me he had some surprise for me when he got back home. It was summer time and our children had left for their granny’s that day itself. I knew sex was on the cards that night and had made whatever arrangements I could with his favorite wine and snacks and lighting up our bedroom with some candles just to add a romantic touch to it. It had been years since we actually got such a chance. But I kept wandering what could the surprise be for after 15 years of marriage you hardly can have anything much left to fascinate you even when you are making love. But nevertheless I looked forward to that night’s escapade. He came, we took a few glasses of wine together and went for a shower together.

Once in bed and after some foreplay he excused himself for a minute and went out. I waited for his surprise never guessing in my wildest of dreams of what it could be. When he came I could not see anything in his hand and looked at him with questioning glance. he did not say anything and instead got atop me in the missionary position and kissed me passionately at the same time entering me. No sooner had he penetrated something started vibrating on his manhood. I tried shoving him apart to check what it was but he clasped me hard by my boobs and my buttocks and whispered into my ears to stay calm and enjoy. It was the Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring that he had worn and about which I came to know from him later. But at that moment all I could feel was vibrations that went down through the depths of my vagina even as he moved up and down and send shivers down my spine. It was ecstatic and I felt such pleasure after several years. It was a battery operated ring and the motions and vibration caused additional sensations making all my juices squirt out in matter of minutes. Soon we both had climaxed and lay down exhausted but thoroughly enjoying our sensuous vibrating session to the fullest. I can never forget the Viaxi Bizz Vibrating Ring which led to a real wild night, something which we had almost forgotten about in the last few years.


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