Pink Floral Lace Panty
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The Pink Floral Lace Panty and our Sensuous Massage Session

I was tired to the dregs having worked for months on end without a break. Weekends too kept us busy with guests and social responsibilities of meeting up with friends and relatives. But I was getting too bogged up with the physical stress and mental weariness as well. Sex was only a few minutes affair with hardly any time left with us to enjoy each other’s company like we used to do before. But thanks to the pink floral lace panty we revived our lost vigor and got rejuvenated as well.

It was a Friday night and he returned home from work quite late. I think he too was thinking on the same lines as me and was missing those beautiful moments of love that we used to spend with each other. As I stood there preparing our dinner he came from behind and clasped my tummy. I felt a tickle of ecstasy. He whispered to my ears “Come prepared, will take you to new heights of lovemaking.” A queer sense of bliss tugged at my heartstrings. I went inside while he was having bath and wore the new floral lace panty which I bought recently. It was a vibrant pink floral panty that accentuated m complexion and perked up my ample buttocks about which he went gaga always. I did not put on anything else but wrapped a pink towel around and came out.

He was lying there in his brief and it seemed we were about to be intimate in the real sense after many months. As I dropped the towel he looked at my boobs and then his gaze fell onto the pink floral lace panty. Seeing it he could not resist uttering a wow. I came near him and he grabbed me towards him by my buttocks and in a soft voice asked me to lie down and relax while he massaged me. I did as he said still wearing the panty and felt his big hands massaging my whole body starting from my feet up towards my sensitive spot along the groin and above to soothe my bust. I turned around and he did the same to the back but stopped when he came across my buttocks. I felt the lacy panty brought down a bit and his lips touching the cheeks of my derriere and further down to reach my labia by then moist to the core with all the sensuous massaging feats. The massage relaxed my senses and the things which took place thereafter took away all my weary feelings and once again brought back the closeness which we were so missing thanks to the pink floral lacy panty.

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