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The Indian Woman- Why She Can Please Her Man Without Any Inhibition Or Slurs?

A land of colors. A potpourri of vibrancy. A territory of sights and scenes—ask anyone to define India and pat comes such phrases in reply. Going down to the crux of civilization and life—we find that procreation has been a mandatory concept that is present across all threads stringing human civilization together. When it comes to India, the country has been credited with being civilized earlier than most other nations.

The social perception of woman as a love maker

Perhaps, that is why India has been heralded as a birthplace of the concept of understanding why Kama or sexual pleasure is. Vatsayana’s Kamasutra is the treatise of lovemaking that the world has adopted in umpteen avatars. However, when it comes to modern India and Indians, a resentful high raised eyebrow is often seen when the subject is brought out of the bedroom. Psychologically, large sections of Indians are still not keen to speak on sex and procreation. This, in no way means that Indians are shy of relationships or lovemaking.

The fault lies in the practical mindset society shelters on the whole. While Kamasutra defines the role of woman on these lines, “A wife’s main role is to keep the house functional – clean, with food on the table, well-maintained, and self-sufficient. Meals are a crucial part of a woman’s duties and she should make sure to consider what her husband likes and dislikes and what things are good for him. A wife must be a maid in the living room, a cook in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom” (Kamasutra Book 4)

Slut—The wrong word

Setting ground for what we want to spell out, these lines actually string a number of questions too. Is the woman a toy? Or is she a puppet? Given that women today have woken up to life, she has gone ahead in stating her mastery of the art of lovemaking too. In addition, most men, we know do not complain. Before you jump to conclusions, this goes beyond the barriers of education and class. A woman has not transformed into a modern entity suddenly. She had been overtly active in going out of her way to please her partner in bed– just that the lines back then had only been too restrictive. Today, women have come out of the fear of being eyed otherwise when she tries her hand at making love distinctly so that her man gets no chance to complain.

Why the woman who makes love to please her man is no slut?

A social stigma associated with this ability of women is to brand her a slut. Too strong a word use into wrong a concept. A woman has the right to own, love and cherish. The oldest and most pure form of human expression for loving and possession is the union of two physical entities. The philosophy comes in much later but for a social animal, physicality and a sense of belongingness during intercourse is something that is rated above lavish gifts or jewels.

It is not for nothing that Kamasutra highlights numerous sex positions where the woman is on top of the man! Does that signify the woman is a slut? Or does that that signify equal rights when it comes to pure expression of love? Going by the intensity of passions that it takes to consummate a relationship, it is evident that a one-sided male dominance will only go ahead to ruin the same. When the women participates hand-in-hand with her man, she does not earn the age of a slut. Rather, she earns respect from her man. How else can you please a man but by reciprocating his feelings and actions?

An end note

“While approaching his bride, a man should not do anything forcibly. Women are like flowers, they are to be enticed tenderly. If treated vigorously, before their confidence is awakened with soft and steady measures, they may develop apathy towards coition.” (Kamasutra)


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