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Sex Toys in Kolkata – Rising Demand of Adult Products

Kolkata is one of those cities in India that is known for its polite people and their love for sweets, a rise in Adult products and accessories is bold and shows how much people are willing to experiment and indulge in their sexuality for fun and pleasure. The demand of Sex toys in Kolkata is unique and ranges from Sex dolls (most popular among male buyers) and candy lingerie (most popular among female buyers) a wide variety of versatile product orders are seen from Kolkata with more men than female population purchasing. 

We Have Realised from AnalysWhat is of Our Kolkata Orders

Orders from Kolkata has revealed that 64% of buyers are Men and 36% buyers are women.

The high number of male customers from Kolkata prefer shopping for male enhancement products to help them last longer in bed, order preferences range from Delay sprays, Penis enlargement pills, Ashwagandha Supplements, Shilajit Supplements, and Gels. 

Sex Toys In Kolkata

Kolkata Women Are More Interested in Attraction Products

Male customer orders from Kolkata is dedicated towards male enlargement and enhancing products, similarly. women frequently buy Attraction products like 

Breast Enlargement –

Breast enlargement product orders are very common from Kolkata, the naturally beautiful women in this region love enhancing their look with this attraction product. Available in various forms like Pills, Oils, and creams breast enlargement remedies can help make them firm, avoid sagging, and give them a perkier look in no time. 

Vaginal Tightening and Whitening –

Attraction products are widely popular among Kolkata orders, vaginal tightening creams and whitening gels are also among the list of products Kolkata women love to buy, looking prim and proper in every sense is what sweet Kolkata customers are known for. 

Shilajit – 

Shilajit supplements are extremely popular among women as they are rich in minerals, anti-oxidants and helps improve sexual function among other things. The benefits of shilajit for women are innumerable, from acting as an immune system booster, an anti-ageing supplement to improving stamina in the bedroom; shilajit is a powerful ayurvedic herb-mineral popularly bought by Kolkata customers. 

Sex Toys In Kolkata

Other Products People Are Interested In?

Product preferences of men shoppers in Kolkata – 

Vibrating Pleasure ring – 

Vibrating penis rings or pleasure rings are popular among men, this versatile toy brings a lot of fun into the bedroom and can be used for both masturbation as well as couple play. Vibrating pleasure rings are adjustable and made with skin-friendly silicone material, it comes with multiple speed and intensity which can be played with to enhance pleasure for you and your partner. 

Prostate Massager – 

Men indulging in anal play have so much more fun between the sheets, massaging the prostate has very many benefits and more men each day are experimenting with anal play love prostate massagers, butt plugs and vibrators. Go the extra mile for your own sexual pleasure and engage in some sexy anal play, it has been known to result in firmer erections, remedy premature ejaculation and open up new avenues of sexual intercourse for men. 

Edible Massage Oil and Flavoured Lubes –

Male customers from Kolkata have been known to often indulge in ‘Sweet lovemaking’ quite literally, the sensual act of massage is the best foreplay, the natural heat of your hands and body can relax your partner while you slather them in some nourishing edible massage oils, no need to wipe down before starting the lovemaking session. Among other products another frequently bought item is the flavoured lubricant, these change the way oral sex is perceived and performed and brings a lot of sweetness to this sexy task.

Product preferences of women shoppers in Kolkata – 

G-Spot Vibrator – 

A popular product among women buyers in Kolkata is the G-spot vibrators, enjoy satisfying orgasms with the custom design g-spot and bullet vibrators for women. The pulsating vibrations of a G-spot toy can send women to orgasmic heaven and bring a lot of pleasurable and fulfilling nights. 

Edible Body Paint – 

A delicious couple’s game, sexual aid and everything in between is the Body paint, unleash the artist in you like our Kolkata buyers and experience the sensual feeling of painting your partner with edible, flavourful and sweet body paint which you can lick afterwards. This adds something unique and different to the bedroom and prolongs foreplay making the lovemaking after even more intense. 

Sexy Lingerie – 

Feel sexy and look it too with the wide sexy lingerie, Kolkata buyers are gaga for intimate bedroom wear and frequently shop for Baby dolls, bikinis, teddies, robes and more. Looking sex has a lot to do with confidence, flaunt sexy lingerie wear in the style that is available in various materials, designs, colours, and sizes. 

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