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Sex Toys In Bombay – What Kaamastra has to offer to our Customers.

Kaamastra has a wide variety of Sex toys and accessories to offer to fulfil everyone’s needs. Sexual aids like enhancement and enlargement supplements, pleasure toys like vibrators, masturbators & anal plugs and bondage accessories like swings, harnesses, nipple clamps and more; Kaamastra has been a one-stop-shop for everything kinky, especially for Bombay residents. Sex toys are extremely popular all over India and immensely loved and bought in Mumbai.

Sex toys in Bombay are loved by both men and women and there is an almost equal number of buyers of both the genders unlike any other city of India.

Existing Percentage of Men & Women in Buying Sex Products

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and has seen a high number of Sex product buyers both men and women according to the last survey reports.

Among Bombay buyers that Kaamastra has seen this is what –

Men Prefer

58% of the buyers from Mumbai are men and their preferences range from masturbators to anal beads, not only this they are high on experimentation and 65% of the male population would love to indulge in Bondage.

Women Prefer –

42% of the buyers from Mumbai are women and their preferences lie in different types of vibrators especially G-spot vibrators, not only this they like to experiment as well and 35% of the female population would love to indulge in Bondage.

Men 58% & Women 42% in Buying Sex Products

Sex Toys Options for Women In Mumbai

Women in Mumbai have been recorded buying most of these three types of products –

Vibrators –

Vibrating toys are popular among women buyers from Mumbai, realistic vibrators and G-spot vibrators being a favourite and rightfully so, the pleasure these vibrating toys bring is exceptional and orgasmic for women. Most women include this sexual aid in their lifestyle to actually experience an orgasm and fully satisfy their cravings, a lot of these women order from Mumbai and take their sexual wellness into their own hands, quite literally.

Dildos –

Another favourite among women in Mumbai are Dildos, these realistic phallus shaped sex toys look and feel like the real thing, the visual stimulation itself is appealing and enhances the overall experience. Dildos are available in various different shapes, sizes and materials and women in Mumbai frequently order this sex toy.

Ben Wa ball and Vibrating Eggs –

Ben Wa balls, popularly used for Kegel exercises are among the frequently bought product orders from Mumbai, women love ordering ben wa balls to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles as well as vibrating eggs like bullet vibrators. Bullet vibrators are extremely dynamic and allow both the partners to participate, one has it inserted and the other can control the vibrations from a remote; fun indeed.

Try Newly Launched Sex Machine

Kaamastra Automatic Telescopic Dildo Vibrator Female Sex Toy –

The ultimate masturbator for women, an automatic telescopic vibrator can excite you in many ways and pleasure you just as much as a real penis would, maybe more.

Made of skin friendly silicone material, this new sex machine has multiple functions, speeds and settings to play with until you get your comfortable one. A G-spot stimulator and orgasmic sex toy this is a must have for all women looking to enhance their masturbation experience.

Sex Toys Options for Men in Mumbai

A High number of male buyers from Mumbai prefer buying masturbation sex toys and aids, sex dolls and masturbation cups being the most bought of them all.

Sex Dolls

The realistic feel of having sex with a partner can be experienced with the use of a sex doll, made from high quality materials and available in various different sizes, types, colours and more Sex dolls are one of the most bought items among Mumbai male buyers. Having a wholesome experience and experimenting any way you like with your sex doll is easier than with a partner.

Male Masturbator

The masturbation cups or male masturbators as they are popularly called have changed the way men masturbate, a life like feel of a female vagina can be experienced due to the material and textures used to make these cups. Extremely popular among men, more men from Mumbai indulge in sex toys like male masturbators, penis cups, sleeves and more.

Bondage Preference Is Higher in Men Than Women

Kaamastra sales and records of orders from Mumbai show that 65% of men and 35% of women prefer bondage, would like to try it at least once or are already a part of the BDSM community.

More men than women as the numbers tell us above would be interested in the sexual act of bondage and try products like nipple clamps, sex harness, sex furniture, floggers, mouth gags etc.

Overall Percentage of Bombay People Prefer LGBT Products

8% off the population of Mumbai shopping for adult products and accessories buy LGBT Merchandise in form of toys and accessories.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community is also actively indulging in their sexual desires and purchasing their preferred adult toys online.

Bombay People Prefer LGBT Product

Bombay People Love Men’s lingerie, Dildo and Thongs

Among all cities of India Mumbai is the only city to record a high number of sales of Men’s Lingerie, Dildos and Thongs. The Fashionable and trendy people of Mumbai are sure to try and experiment more than anyone and products like men’s thongs, prostate massagers, dildos for men and more have made its way into the Wishlist’s and order carts of Mumbai buyer.

Flavoured Condom Order Mostly comes From Bombay

Condoms are essential and so much fun; they protect you from STD’s and is one of the most effective birth-control methods. A number of flavoured condoms are available to enhance the experience from conventional options like strawberry, chocolate and banana to unique flavours like Pina colada, dark chocolate and pineapples.

Bombay orders of sex accessories see a high number of flavoured condoms.

Movie Like Lust Stories Helps Increase Our Sales

The entertainment industry impacts the way people view a lot of different products and services. Movies like lust stories that sexually forward have an impact on the sales of adult toys, accessories, clothing and more.

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