message and shower sex
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Massage and Shower Sex

Couples need lust as much as they need love. The couple that lusts together lives forever together. Get bold and throw away all caution as you let go your limits to make love in the shower. The bathtub is another awesome place to climax in. But then, you need to be prepared with just the right things to heighten the fun of sensual massages and the ultimate round of shower sex.

The Details

From exciting loofahs that say, “come here” to the lusty massage oils that smell like love is waiting to be smelt, there is an entire range of products that go with this lusty feel. Body butters, massage oils, after-bath oils—there is so much variety that you will be dripping spoilt!

Cool off the heat

Get hot shower sex and make your partner radiate the same heat with this whole variety at hand. Cool off your longings with a passionate round under the shower, get creative, use the slide to your advantage and make your lover want to get closer like you never imagined!

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