kaamastra door slam sex swing
Sex Accessories


Before you begin to quiz yourself, know that the over the door position restraints are an undermined tool. It can be used to tie your partner to the doorway as you indulge in a crazy round of role-play sex. These restraints are sturdy, testy for safety ad no reactive against the skin. Bondage sex becomes playful and more vigorous with such add-ons.

The Details

The mechanism of the over-the-door restraints is simple and you simply need to hook it on to the door bit. The same can be stored easily. Therefore, you need not worry about space issues.

Add Some Steam

The delight of lovemaking turns sweater when you know that the best is coming your way—but stand restrained. That little distance, that desperation and that restlessness—all club together to make your round of love games hotter than ever.

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