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Indian Girls Masturbation Tips and Benefits

Girls masturbate just as much as boys do. Among Indians, girl masturbation is seen as taboo in many religions and cultures. For centuries, Indian women masturbation has been a hushed topic and frowned upon because it is believed that women do not have sexual desires, and a man is the only one that can satisfy a woman’s sexual needs.

Vagina masturbation is, however, not something to be ashamed of. Girls masturbation involves touching and playing with your own vulva, breasts, clitoris, and vagina to the point of orgasm.   

Do Girls Masturbate?

Do women masturbate?  Of course. Women masturbation has been going on for ages though it’s a topic that has been rarely discussed until recently.

Female masturbation is as common as male masturbation. A large number of females aged between 16- 45 actively engage in lady masturbation.

There are a lot of reasons why females masturbate. Sometimes, a woman does not orgasm during sexual intercourse. The only way she might be able to orgasm is through girls masturbation. 

Another purpose why women masturbate could be out of boredom and the need for stress relief. Many women masturbate because they are horny, and there is no partner readily available to have sex with.   

How do Women Masturbate?

How do girls masturbate? There are many ways in which women masturbate. Many women simply rub the clitoris until they orgasm. You may think that years of wanking has established you as a pro on how to masturbate as a female until you try new masturbation tips.

There’s a lot of masturbation tips that can teach you how to masturbate the vagina properly. You should experiment with different female masturbation ideas and find out what takes you to cloud nine. 

If you really want to know how to masturbate as a female, then follow these masturbation tips: 

  • This first masturbation tip will get you going: Set the mood for play. Light candles, put on your favorite sexiest playlist, take a warm shower and watch some porn. Make sure you are in a place that’s comfortable and has enough privacy without unnecessary interruptions. You can also put on your fave sexy lingerie
  • Use your imagination and break out your wildest fantasies. 
  • Experts’ tip on masturbation says that lubes should be used copiously. Lube makes it easy to stimulate your genitals during girls masturbation. Lubrication also makes it very easy to slide in sex toys without chaffing or injuries.
  • Another masturbation tip is to touch other parts of the body like the nipple, breast, and thigh. Play with your hair, fondle your breasts and massage your thighs and arms with a vibrator.
  • The next time you have the house all to yourself, try out this masturbation tip and the novelty will blow your mind. Get into different masturbation positions and wank in places like the shower, kitchen or the porch if you have enough privacy.

5 Female Masturbation Types

Girls masturbation is an awesome experience that lets you discover what kind of touch turns you on and it’s always at your own pace. One masturbation tip you should know is that once you find out what works for you, you don’t have to stick to a rut. Try out different women masturbation positions and feel the pleasure in different ways. 

Sensational Body Parts

You should try out this masturbation tip:  Pinch, squeeze and pull other erogenous parts of the body like the breasts, nipples, thigh, butt, and neck. The best female masturbation position to enjoy this is standing in front of a mirror or in the shower. 


Lie on your back with a pillow under your head and your knees bent. You can use your finger or a finger ring vibrator to play with your clitoris during girls masturbation. You can also try out other female masturbation positions like standing in the shower and using a warm jet spray to stimulate your clitoris. 


Squatting is the best female masturbation position to try because it allows you to easily reach the G-spot for an earth-shattering orgasm. Using your finger, a vibrator or dildo penetrates your vagina, moving in, out, or in circular motion depending on your needs. 


For anal, the face-down doggy is the best female masturbation position. It allows you to massage the outside and inside  of your anus with anal beads or plugs and, at the same time, pleasure your clitoris and vagina.  

Clit and Fingering

If you want a female masturbation position that allows you to finger yourself and play with your clit at the same time, then lay on your back. In this position, you can pleasure your clit with a vibrator in one hand and finger yourself with the other. 

Benefits of Female Masturbation 

Healthy female masturbation is encouraged because it has a lot of physical and health benefits. Vagina masturbation is fun and healthy, but because of the taboo that still surrounds the topic, girls masturbation benefits are being ignored and missed.  

1. Health Benefits

Girls masturbation can help relieve cramps during your period. There’s absolutely no reason not to masturbate during your period if you enjoy it. The stimulation causes uterine contraction, which helps the menstrual blood come out faster. 

After a long day, indulging in girls masturbation can help you relieve stress and sleep better. 

Your chances of catching an STD or STI through girls masturbation is also zero.

The risk of diabetes and heart diseases is reduced when you have frequent orgasms. 

2. Mental Benefits

Endorphins released during girls masturbation make you feel good and happy. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that envelope you with a positive feeling and possibly relieve depression.  

3. Physical Benefits

If you are having trouble reaching a climax during partnered sex, girls masturbation gives you the chance to experience multiple orgasms. 

A lil bit of girl masturbation can actually boost your libido

If you can’t fall asleep at night, including girls masturbation in your bedtime routine may help. Research shows that prolactin and oxytocin, hormones that make you relax, are released during girls masturbation. 

4. Skin Benefits

When you orgasm, your blood vessels dilate, giving you that rosy flushed ‘after glow.’ Also, estrogen levels are raised, thus making your skin resistant to wrinkles and clear. So why not include girls masturbation as a part of your skincare routine. 

5. Relationship Benefits

Because girls masturbation is a way to get to know your body better, it can improve your self-esteem.

Girls masturbation is one of the best ways to learn what turns you on in bed and subsequently, how to guide your partner.  

Your sexual awareness is increased through girls masturbation; this enables you to communicate to your partner what you like and what you want and when your needs are met by your partner, your sexual interest in them increases.  

Sex Toys for Female Masturbation

If you want to take girls masturbation to a whole new level, then try out this masturbation tip. Invest some good money in a girls masturbation sex toy. You’ll be glad you did. Women sex toys give you a wide range of sensations and a bigger O. 


Vibrators  (sometimes called massagers) are sex toys used on the clitoris, vulva, breasts, or vagina to achieve sexual stimulation during girls masturbation. There are different types and shapes of vibrators. Clitoral vibrators are used for stimulating the clitoris, while rabbit vibrators are specially designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation.


Vibrators can be used as a massager to relieve stress knots in your back and neck

Using vibrators during girls masturbation helps you to know what turns you on. 


A dildo is a penis-shaped sex toy used for penetration or other sexual activities during girls masturbation. Dildos come in the shapes and sizes of a real penis, including balls, veins and tips. 


Using dildo for girls masturbation can strengthen the pelvic muscles, thus improving your sexual performance and big Os. 

Since girls masturbation is also another way of self-exploring, you can use a dildo to satisfy your fantasies without embarrassment and at your own speed. 

Anal Beads or Plugs

A little bit of anal play during girls masturbation is just double the fun. Anal beads are sex toys like beads on a string that you repeatedly put in and gently pull out of your anus to achieve orgasm. Anal plugs are designed to be plugged in the rectum for sexual pleasure.  


Having an anal plug in your rectum and a dildo in your vee jay jay during girls masturbation gives you double pleasure. 

Using anal sex toys during girls masturbation is a way of preparing your body for penetration during partnered sex. 

Sex Machines

Sex machines, sometimes called fuck machines, are very powerful sex toys used in girls masturbation for vaginal, anal and clitoral pleasure.  Sex machines are bigger and more powerful than vibrators.  


A sex machine allows you to have total control of your sexual pleasure through the speed, thrusts, and styles.

Long-distance relationships can be difficult, and you have needs. Using a sex machine for girls masturbation gives you all the erotic fun you want without cheating on your partner.

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