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How to Use Condom: Tips for Male & female, Its benefits and Precaution

Condoms are known to be the most effective and widely used protection/precaution products during sex, available for both men and women Condoms are used across the globe for safe sex and masturbation (with Sex toys).

Both women and men can prevent themselves from a vast number of sexually transmitted diseases with the correct use of condoms, it is also one of the most effective ways to avoid unplanned pregnancies.

Is It Safe to Use Condom?

The safety that condoms bring into your lives depend upon the usage, condoms are known to be 98% effective in keeping pregnancies at bay as well as STD’s, however knowing how to use a condom correctly is the only way to achieve worry-free sex.

This versatile sex aid takes sexual wellness to a whole new level, apart from promoting safe sex, condoms provide extra lubrication, flavor and feel to both the partners making Sex even more enjoyable. Contrary to popular belief men are not the only one to take responsibility of safety during sex, in fact, female condoms act as an object for safe sex too giving women the power to enjoy a healthy sex life without having to pop pills the morning after or getting pap smears.

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Want to practice safe sex? –

  1. Don’t always rely on a male partner to have a condom, it is for your safety too so always have one in your possession.
  2. Using a condom will protect men and women both provided you know how to use it, learning how to put on a condom, its do’s and don’ts etc is vital before actually using one with a partner.
  3. using the condom properly is the safest gateway to sexual pleasure and worry-free sex life, small yet important tips like checking the expiry date before use can really come in handy.

How to Use Female Condom?

Today female condoms or internal condoms are they are called are as common as male condoms, they too protect women from unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. While the use of this object is simple using is correctly is the only way for it to be effective.

Here’s how to use condom for woman,

user instruction of female condom

1. First things first, always check the expiry date on the pack as you would do for any wellness product,

2. The two rings that are visible will help you determine what goes where and keep the condom in place,

3. Very carefully insert the tip (closed ring) by pinching it slightly into your vagina or anus and leave the opening ring on the outside, make sure at least an inch of the condom is hanging outside so as to avoid any accidental spillage. At this step, one must be very careful to not puncture the condom for example with sharp nails or jewelry while inserting.

female condom

4. After the male partner ejaculates, close and twist the outer ring with your hands as you would do to a plastic bag and remove the condom very carefully so as to not spill any semen inside (if that happens the use of the condom is negligible and it is recommended to take alternative precautions like the morning after pill to avoid pregnancy.

5. Always dispose of the used condom, do not reuse it. Also, never flush a condom in the toilet.

Quick note – It is safe to always use a condom whether with a partner or while using a sex toy, not only does this help maintain hygiene but also keeps any infections or diseases at bay.

How to Put on a Condom for men?

Male condoms are such a straightforward product, easily available and simple to use, a cost-effective and safe way to enjoy sex and keeping pregnancy and STD’s at bay.

For a beginner or simply someone who values safe sex,

here’s how to use a male condom,

a)  Like any wellness product check first if its good for use, the condom should be within the validity date to be able to be effective, remember latex breaks down over time and expired condoms hold high chances of tearing upon use.

b) Maintain hygiene when putting on a condom, trying to avoid STD’s is great but you don’t want any germs or dirt to follow either, wash your hands before putting it on.

c) Know which way is up, tear the condom packet gently and hold the product in your fingers to be sure of the inside and outside. During foreplay when you and your partner are both lubricating the secretions are bound to come in contact with the condom which is why in the event that you’ve worn it inside out dispose of it and start again with a new one.

d) The way to know that you’ve worn the condom correctly is when it looks like a hat with some room at the tip for semen, it is recommended to keep a little space extra at the tip to make sure there is enough room for semen and avoid tears.

e) simply roll the condom onto the penis gently, make sure to do so only on an erect penis. Leaving enough room for semen you can enjoy safe and pleasurable sex now.

f) Remember to hold on to the condom when you withdraw from the vagina or anus, this is the only sure way to maintain the effectiveness of the condom and avoid any semen from spilling into your partner.

condom for men

Quick note – It is safe to always use a condom whether with a partner or while using a sex toy, use a new condom every time you switch between anal intercourse, vaginal intercourse or oral sex.

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What are the Benefits of using condoms?

More often than not people presume that using condoms will take out all the fun from having sex, that for a fact is a myth. The use of condoms has many benefits and should be included in a person’s sex life, the only event when a condom should be avoided is if one is looking to get pregnant.

Here are some advantages of using a condom –

1. Stay away from numerous Sexually transmitted diseases, it is very much recommended for both the partners to get tested for common STDs before engaging in unprotected sex. Condoms can help prevent infections, irritation, and STDs like HIV which is also known to cause cancer.

2. Sex should be fun, with the worry of getting pregnant hardly can the fun factor prevail. Enjoy your pleasure-some nights with either female condoms or male condoms and keep pregnancy at bay.

 3. Contrary to popular belief condoms are not just a necessity but also a sexy addition to naughty play, condoms come in a variety of colors, flavors and styles bringing numerous variations that help enhance the sexual experience. Extra lubricated condoms, Thin CondomFlavoured CondomsDotted & Ribbed Condoms and time delay condoms are some you may want to try.

4. An easy, accessible and pocket-friendly way to safe sex, enough said.

5. Use of condoms are safe and have No side-effects (except of course if you’re allergic to latex, in that case look for alternate material condoms)

6. Condoms today come with added lubes and variations like zig zag, ribbed and dotted what they do for your pleasure is unmatched. The added sensation helps generate higher intensity of pleasure and in turn satisfying sex.

how to use condom

What Precaution You Should Take While Using Condom?

While you may know how to use a condom, remember the phrase, prevention is better than cure. Condoms act as an effective way of safe sex and bring a lot of pleasure to sexy nights, having said that knowing the Dos and Don’ts can be really helpful for you and your partner.

1.  using a condom is safe as far as you use it correctly, make sure to check the manufacturing date and validity date before using it. During foreplay one is deep into the mood and it may skip your mind which is why always keep checking your stock of condoms and keep only the ones you will come in use before they expire.

2. Wondering how to use a condom effectively? Space is a good thing, quite literally when it comes to using a condom, before entering your partner make sure to leave enough space for semen and pinch the tip to release any trapped air. Air in this case that causes too much of a pressure and causes a tear in the condom.

3.  Storing is as important as using the condom properly, the best thing about condoms is that they are compact and easy to store, keep them in a cool and dry place like your wallet or a spacious drawer thing prevents any damage or tear to the product.

4.  Needless to say, use the condom properly to avoid pregnancy is a phrase widely known to be true. In many cases the condoms rupture before even using it, bravado or impatience or using teeth or scissors can be the cause, gently tear the packet from a corner to remove the condom.

5. Do not take it lightly, in any case, if the condom has been contaminated mistakenly worn inside out, dispose of it and wear a new one.

6.  STD and infections can spread even if you use the same condom for multiple forms of sex, remember to change the condom when making the switch between anal, vaginal and oral sex.

7.  Dispose of the condom immediately after use by carefully removing it from your partner and wrapping it into a tissue or disposable packet.

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Quick tip – Remember, condoms are known to be 98% effective and can be used alongside other birth control measures as well. Latex is the material that proves to be most effective for safe use only if you or your partner is allergic to latex should you find an alternative to use. So Buy Condom online in India Stay safe and enjoy to the fullest

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