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How to Increase Sex Drive/ Libido for Men & Women

There are many ways to help men and women who are experiencing loss in libido; the causes can range from certain physical factors like tiredness, lack of sleep and improper diet to environmental factors like depression. Stress from work/home and more. Low sex drive can put a strain on a relationship as well as make a person feel conscious and unsatisfied. While the causes, symptoms and solutions differ for both men and women there are a few things one can try that can help excite themselves as well as their partners. Various Factors can be the root cause of loss in libido in men or women, primarily they will be

Physical causes –

Physical reasons leading to a loss in libido can be Chronic Illness, fatigue, low confidence, conscious about one’s body, lack of proper sleep, unhealthy diet, diseases and many more. The most common physical cause of a low sex drive is hormonal imbalance; when the testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women decline or rather fluctuate out of bounds it may directly impact sexual desires.

Psychological causes –

More often than not mental health issues play a vital role in a person’s life and well being; similarly, loss in libido for men and women are majorly directly proportional to the mood a person is in and how comfortable they feel. Factors like depression, immense stress, lack of self-love or confidence, unhappy with own or partners body, relationship troubles etc. Plenty of environmental factors like financial problems, lifestyle changes and stress too can lead to loss of sex drive in men and women.

The Solution –

In case of Chronic illness, indefinite loss of libido and serious health conditions it is best for both the partner to seek medical help and counselling to try and get the urge back, however, plenty of other options specifically Sexual aids might be able to come to your rescue too. Sexual aids like sex toys for men and women, use of penis sleeves or textured and flavoured condoms, enhancement and excitement pills oils and creams, sexy clothing like lingerie or role-playing costumes, trying out something different by getting out of your comfort zone with experimental activities, cosplay fantasies and bondage; these could be helpful options to bring back sex or foreplay in an exciting way.

What Is Low Libido?

The simplest way to explain, libido means Sex drive. The urge to engage in sexual activity with a partner is common and has various health benefits as well. Sex can help release ‘feel-good’ hormones known as oxytocin and endorphins which is a pain-killing hormone in its natural form. Low libido is when the urge to participate in any sexual or foreplay activity is absent more a substantial amount of time. Low sex drive or low libido can be caused by very many factors, physical, mental as well as environmental factors. Many men and women engage in sexual intercourse despite being completely turned off this can cause immense pain and often redness in the genital areas, loss of libido can also put a strain on a relationship.

What Is the Difference Between Men & Women Sex Drive?

Low sex drive can be experienced by both men as well as women, it is common for one or both the partners to feel tired, stressed, under the weather etc and a decline in sexual desires for a short duration; however, if the loss in libido lasts for a longer or indefinite period of time that could cause a strain on a relationship.

Every individual’s sex drive, their urges, desires and attractions vary especially with men and women, both experience sexual desires in different ways, react to it differently and go through factors resulting in a loss in libido as well. Various scientific research and genuine customer experiences have proven that while men respond to stimuli faster than women and while that may be the same case with sex as well men and women can both face problems with low sex drive. In fact, more men than women have reported cases of low sex drive.

What Is the Normal Libido for women?

Every woman should know what a healthy sex life looks like, every individual is different and so are their sexual activity, desires and fantasies. While the term ‘Normal’ is fairly relative word and one person’s normal libido might not be the same as another, here’s what a good sex drive should be like for women. There is no right amount of sex, every woman desire intimacy differently, while some may have an extremely active sex life others may not. Normal libido is unique to every individual and a person with a healthy lifestyle, eating habits, regular exercise and stress-balanced life can enjoy a ‘normal’ healthy sex drive.

What Are the Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women?

Low Sex drive

Psychological Reason –

  • Poor self-image and body consciousness are common reasons that hurt a woman’s sex drive. Confidence plays a vital role in a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship
  • The inability to balance one’s work-home life can be extremely stressful, trying to juggle it all can more often than not lead to anxiety and overthinking, something that is very commonly seen.
  • Women dealing with depression, postpartum depression and extreme stress (or have experienced mental or physical abuse) may constantly experience a lack of sexual desires.

Physical Reason –

  • Common physical factors resulting in low sex drive among women is hormonal imbalance, women suffering from illness, diseases, fluctuating estrogen levels, diabetes, PCOD/PCOS or high blood pressure would feel uneasy and experience a loss in energy and a complete loss in libido.
  • With age men and women both respond to sex differently, the older women get the lower their sex drive.
  • Menopause is also a common factor of low sex drive among older women.
  • Any medication one may be one, including but not limited to antidepressants, birth control pills etc can have an adverse effect on sexual urges.

Relationship disagreements –

  • Various misunderstanding, inability give an adequate amount of time to your partner or loss of intimacy can pull a couple apart resulting in lesser sex for both involved.
  • Every relationship sees its fair share of ups and downs but they can easily put the people involved in a bad mood and usually becomes a factor of loss in libido.
  • Unplanned pregnancy or disputes regarding the same can also lead to a very strenuous and stressful relationship and lack of satisfying sex.  Infidelity or lack of interest from spouse/partner too results in low sex drive.

Why Do Women Feel Their Sex Drive Has Gone Down?

Reports, research and feedback show that women are not as easily aroused as men, women consider various factors and need to get themselves in the mood to be aroused. For women to enjoy sex and get pleasure out of it they need to be substantially lubricated and rightfully so, since without the correct amount of lubrication it could lead to unnecessary pain, discomfort and unpleasant experience.

Women may feel their sex drive or desires are declining due to their lifestyle changes, relationships or health conditions (both physical and mental). The changes that women go through in a lifetime including and not limited to hormonal changes/imbalance, menstruation, pregnancy etc has a great impact on their mood and health. Certain health conditions, stressful environment and pregnancy/motherhood can add a lot of responsibilities on an individual. Even though women want to do it all and they very much do, work-home imbalance along with health restrictions can easily make sex take a nosedive.

How Women Can Increase Their Libido?

A lot of the factors physical or otherwise are related to self-love and body image; the more conscious women are about themselves and how to look or feel in a specific way in front of their partners the more pressure they are putting themselves under.

Confidence and Arousal –

The easiest way to get over your dry spell is to feel beautiful, If you’re looking for how to increase female libido home remedies, we recommend retail therapy. Invest and indulge in products like sex toys for women (vibrators, dildos, anal plugs), excitement and enhancement products (breast enhancement creams and oils or herbal supplements for vitality and vigour), sexy lingerie and clothing etc. Trying something new with your partner can set the tone for your sexual encounters. A wide range of over 1000 products can be found at focusing on bringing pleasure to your sexual health and fulfilling sexy desires.

Take care of yourself –

Fitness and health should be of top priority, a regular exercise routine and nutrient-packed diet can help you keep up your energy all day, make you feel better about your body, relaxes the mind and helps to eliminate problems of low libido.

Work on your relationship –

Pinpointing the reason of why you are feeling the loss in libido, when did it start etc can help you better find a solution to it. In many cases, couples are unable to perform when there are unresolved arguments between the two. Talk to your partner freely about what you are going through and work together on your sexual wellness.

Seek help –

Speak with your doctor about what specific steps suit your body and mind to overcome the loss of sexual desire. Everybody is different and respond to all situations differently, for some it may just be lifestyle changes and for others, it could be stress-related. Seek help if needed and include your partner (only if you want to). treatment for low libido in females can also be achieved via ayurvedic supplements and natural remedies available at Kaamastra in forms of pills, creams and oils.

What Women Should Do to Feel Sexy?

How to Increase Sex Drive/ Libido for Men & Women 1

Feeling sexy has a lot to do with confidence than anything else; the way you carry yourself, an individual’s attitude, nature and confident behaviour can instantly make you feel stylish and sexy; more so it can exude the same confidence and make heads turn.

Here are some tips on how to feel sexy at all times –

  • Invest in Good quality and sexy looking lingerie, the intimates are important and no matter what you wear on top of them knowing that you are in something sexy can make you smile all day.
  • Dress to impress, yourself. When you look in the mirror irrespective of your individual style try and impress yourself and feel happy about your attire, pick up some LBD’s and hot dresses, bodysuits, corsets, camisoles etc to give your shape that extra oomph.
  • Pleasure yourself, yes you should go for it if you’re in the mood. Keep your dildos, beads and vibrators handy and go solo if you feel like it. Depriving yourself might decrease your sex drive furthermore.

What Are the Causes of Low Sex Drive in Men?

The root causes of Low sex drive remain the same for men as they are for women, Hormonal imbalance, physical factors, psychological factors and environmental factors all play a vital role and affect men sex drive.

Testosterone levels –

Testosterone, the hormone that is produced in the testicles is vital for male reproductive health as it stimulates sperm production, lower levels of testosterone or fluctuating levels can decrease the want and urge to have sex. While it is normal for testosterone level to gradually drop with age a drastic fluctuation can easily affect your libido in a big way.

Ongoing Medications –

Any sort of chronic illness, diseases or health problems can call for a set of routine medicines which too can have mild or strong side effects usually causing erectile dysfunction which is one of the root causes of low libido in men. While it may not be possible to stop, pause or change these medications one can always opt for herbal, natural and ayurvedic supplements to help increase Libido.

Anxiety –

Today every individual is dealing with some sort of stress in their life, from work pressure, financial requirements to disagreements at home and fatigue all factor into the equation lowering your want towards any sexual activities and leave you simply worrying about your problems. More and more people each day fall into a very serious mental illness category – suffering from depression. Not only does this kill your sex drive but all put a strain on a relationship.

Unhealthy lifestyle –

Ever-changing sleep routines, working long hours, inadequate and unhealthy dietary habits, lack of exercise, obesity, stress; these are just a few of the things people have inculcated into their daily lives, this sort of unhealthy lifestyle patterns for many has been the root cause of low libido. Other things that might be affecting your sex drive could be age, self-image issues, low confidence, substance abuse (smoking, alcohol, drugs) etc

How to Increase Libido in Men?, a leading adult products and accessories website have the most amazing, useful and effective products to indulge in; increasing libido and working on your sex drive will require certain lifestyle changes as well but you can start with self-love with some tempting purchases like Sex toys, masturbators, role play costumes and more.

Invest in your sexual health –

Giving up habits like drinking and smoking can have a huge impact on your sexual well being. Exercise more often and keep yourself alert (physically and mentally) to enjoy a satisfying sexual relationship.

Experiment –

Even for masturbation use products and aids that can help you enjoy the entire experience as well as a satisfying climax. Vibrating massagers, butt plugs, dildos, anal beads, penis sleeves and more are extremely popular among men looking to increase sex drive.

Take a closer look into what you eat –

Include Omega 3 fatty acids, potassium, and Vitamin B & B1 in your diet. Fruits, vegetables and meats like Salmon, avocados, eggs, peanuts, bananas, kidney beans, peppers and onions among many others are things you must include in your eating habits.

Stress-free environment –

Learn to separate your work and home life and try to maintain a stress-free environment for yourself, not only with a partner but also when you masturbate and need some solo time for yourself. Try meditation or get yourself in physical activity as a hobby; this help relieves stress and has positive effects on your sexual health.

Wondering how to increase libido male? opt for Ayurvedic supplements packed with the best herbs, safe vitamins, minerals and more like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Moringa, Safed Musli; the consumption of herbal supplements is one of the simplest ways of how to improve libido naturally.

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