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How To Dress Sexy To Look Hot – Dress Ideas & Tips

Dressing sexy will give you great benefits that will make you sizzle in front of your partner. Wearing a provocative dress will make your man attracted to you all night long (if you are planning something naughty and nice, loaded with sugar and spice at night). Wink wink…!

This article will help you discover the right ways that will help you dress sexy for your man.

We understand how eager you are to take a plunge into the pool filled with sexiness with your one and only man. However, you can dress right and feel confident no matter you are running errands or attending an event.

sexy clothing by kaamastra

Tips For How To Dress Seductively On Special Occasions

It is important for you to keep in mind that dressing is an art. It is an art of knowing how you can carry yourself in a number of occasions people like to be a part of. These occasions indicate how you should dress properly. Dressing right shows respect to the occasion you attend and also to the people gathered.

1. First Date

They say “The first impression is the last impression.” And what can be a more perfect occasion than a first date when it comes to leaving your first impression? Of course, you want to give him something he can smile about while recalling the first date.

Make sure you dress sexy and flaunt at least one or two of your features you are proud of – your eyes, butt, breasts, lips, hips or legs. Doing so will make sure that you don’t look boring or reveal too much too!

2. Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day…! And what do men find attractive in women? On such a day when people express their love for each other, you can make your night special by wearing something sexy.

So, why not spice up the night by wearing something sexy that will make your man go weak in the knees? Select from a wide range of wonderful outfits specially designed for Valentine’s Day, including:

With many exciting colours and designs, it’ll definitely turn the heat on!

3. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party is the ultimate classy event. Donning short and sleeveless outfits will make you look amazing. In fact, such outfits will always remain in trend. You can opt for something revealing for the cocktail party.

 Kaamastra Sexy Rose Red Summer Bodycon Dress
Kaamastra Sexy Rose Red Summer Bodycon Dress RS699

4. Outdoor Concert

Looking to be a part of an outdoor concert? Of course, you should prepare to dance. Keeping this in mind, it is important for you to select lighter layers as well as comfort. But it will not mean that you have to keep away from your sex appeal.

Kaamastra Blue One Shoulder Lace Party Dress
Kaamastra Blue One Shoulder Lace Party Dress RS649

5. Pool Party

If you want, you can go for a skimpy bikini. Opt for a sexy swimsuit that can modestly reveal not only your stomach but cleavage as well. Cast a spell on your man by wearing something sexy for the pool party. A loose tank, an off-shoulder top, a romper, a bralette or a summer dress will make you look stunning.

Kaamastra Open Front Elegant Jersey Dresses
Kaamastra Open Front Elegant Jersey Dresses Rs. 899

6. Theatre Night

 Wearing casual dresses, jeans and t-shirts nowadays are very common. But it does not mean you cannot deck out. Go and wear your cocktail outfit or a sexy little dress and shorts!

Kaamastra Red Lace Embellished Cocktail Mini Dress
Kaamastra Red Lace Embellished Cocktail Mini Dress RS749

Some of the most tempting dresses that will help you dress seductively:

1. Strapless Neckline Dress

If there is a way that can let you flaunt your kissable shoulders, it’s through a classic strapless neckline dress. These outfits will draw attention to your slender collarbones and neck.

Sexy Strapless Golden party dress
Kaamastra Strapless Gilt Night Club Wear Golden RS1,599

2. Cleavage Dress

Look confident wearing hot cleavage dresses. Wearing such a revealing dress is one of the best hot outfit ideas you cannot ignore. Grab a dropping V-neckline or side boob attire! A sexy cleavage dress will make heads turn.

Kaamastra Summer Chiffon Dress
Kaamastra Summer Chiffon Dress RS699

3. Mini Bandage or Bodycon Dresses

 Show off those luscious curves with a mini bandage or bodycon dress. Such outfits have truly become the boldest classics in the fashion world today. Go on your first date with your beau wearing such an amazing outfit that makes him drool over you at first sight.

These dresses will hug your curves the way they deserve to be. Go for a night out with your girlfriends and grab some of the hottest guys’ attention. Bandage dresses are a perfect answer to your style and sensuousness you like to ooze.

Kaamastra White Two Piece Bodycon Dress
Kaamastra White Two Piece Bodycon Dress RS799

4. Tight Mesh Dresses

 A mesh dress is considered to be a restless girl’s best friend. You can choose to mesh dresses and tops in a wide range of colours including peach, red, mint, lavender, blush, black, white, etc. Show off those curves but leave just a little to the imagination…!

 Mesh Red Bodycon Dress
Kaamastra Sexy Mesh Insert Red Bodycon Dress Rs.799

5. Metallic Dresses

How about letting your dress do the talking? Wearing a metallic dress is a good idea as it will give you that extra glitter you’re looking to for a special occasion. If you are heading out with your squad for a fun night, a shorter frock will not only give you a bold look but will draw the attention of the crowd.

 Metallic Gold Key-Hole Back Sleeveless Dress
Kaamastra Metallic Gold Key-Hole Back Sleeveless Dress

6. Rompers, Playsuits or Jumpsuits

 Rompers, playsuits or jumpsuits have gained immense popularity over the past few years. What used to be once considered an experimental trend has gladly been adopted by celebrities and customers. Wearing a romper, playsuit or jumpsuit can be an everyday or fancy event as it can be dressed up or down as per your convenience.

Jumpsuit for women
Kaamastra Midi Length Red Printed V Neck Jumpsuits Rs.899

7. Animal Print Dresses

 There’s no denying the animal print has taken over the racks of clothing items. The most happening print of the season, it has always deemed to a classic. You can find every type of print such as leopard, snakeskin, zebra print or faux fur and everything else in between.

Kaamastra Zebra Print Bon-conscious Vintage Dress
Home Kaamastra Zebra Print Bon-conscious Vintage Dress

8. Cut-out Dress

 Grab the attention and make heads turn with cut-out dresses. Those outfits with cut-out detailing at the back or front are not for the faint-hearted. These dresses show oodles of skin near the butt, sides, front, cleavage or back and always draw the eye!

Kaamastra Asymmetric Cutout Sexy Mini Red Club Dress
Kaamastra Asymmetric Cutout Sexy Mini Red Club Dress

9. Lace Dress

Stunning lace dresses will allow you to steal the show the way you want. Go for a stylish and chic lace dress that will accentuate your personality for every occasion. You can find these classy and dramatic outfits in a wide range of sizes and shapes.

Kaamastra Heather Lace Surplice Dress
Kaamastra Heather Lace Surplice Dress RS 899

10. Zip Dresses

 A zip dress can transform a simple dress into something that lets you reveal your style. A zip in the front or at the back is your ticket to flaunt what exactly you are willing to.

Kaamastra Deep V-neck Zipper Close-fitting White Dress
Kaamastra Deep V-neck Zipper Close-fitting White Dress RS699

11. Black or Red Dresses

 You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing from a wide range of designs in red dresses. The colour ‘red’ indicates a fire, passion, and positiveness. But there are some women who keep away from red because they think wearing a red dress might look gaudy. If you’re one of them, you can opt for a chic black dress.

Kaamastra Black Red Colorblock Cross Front Bodycon Dress
Kaamastra Black Red Colorblock Cross Front Bodycon Dress RS799

How To Dress Sexier For Your Man & Additional Tips 

Here are some great tips that will let you dress sexier for your man:

1. Great Hairstyle

 A great hairstyle can be a stunning accessory in a variety of sizes and shapes. Having a great hairstyle improves your overall appearance while saying a lot about who you are. Go for an amazing hairstyle that catches the fancy of every man and makes you look sexy.

Great hair style

2. Sexy Heels, Stilettos and Footwear

 Wearing heels will not only boost your confidence but make you look sexy. The pure sight of you will make your man drool beside catching everyone’s eye. They will add a few inches to your height and make you appear taller while improving your posture and giving you a svelte figure.

sexy footwear

3. Sexy Fragrances

 Wearing a sexy fragrance is a must because wearing one will give a boost to your self-esteem, reflect your mood as well as being a powerful allure. Wearing a nice fragrance will cast a spell on your man.

perfume bottles

4. Makeup

 Makeup does not only make you look healthy but full of life. It breathes energy, confidence and style into your appearance. It will help you create an image of impeccable beauty while being an effective and sexy complement to your attire and image.

makeup kit

Things You Should Avoid

Well, there are some vital things you should keep away from when it comes to dressing sexy for your man.

1. You Have to be Comfortable

 If you’re having a hard time breathing in your new outfit or are likely to sprain an ankle in your new heels, no matter how sexy your outfit is it would not add that much sexiness to your appearance. Be comfortable and enjoy your night out!

beautiful girl in sexy dress

2. Don’t Forget the Accessibility of Your Outfit

 Unless you have a great experience with trying new clothing items, make sure you avoid anything that’s likely to take more than 5 minutes to get out of.

3. Adventurous

Get out of your comfort zone and play around with your appearance to create a fun and sexy experience! Lose your inhibitions and have a great time!

 Every woman wants to not only feel but look sexy for their men. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to turning their charm on. Being a woman of today, don’t think twice in decking yourself out and investing time and energy in your sexiness and appeal.

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