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How the Viaxi Breast Enlargement Cream made him Go Gaga over my Boobs

My beau always had one woe, my teats were too small to cuddle, caress and grapple. Although he had only told it once it used to play in my mind that he somewhat desired more of my busts to play with when we used to get intimate. We had been in relation for almost two years and were about to get hitched as well. Just before marriage he had to take a short trip abroad on an official tour. I took this opportunity to search the online stores for breast enhancement creams which would do the magic of making my boobs appear tempting and irresistible to him. While searching for such creams one day I came across the Viaxi Breast Enlargement Cream at an online store.

It was a real treasure to be true for me since it possessed natural ingredients like Commipheroline that had the potential to store lipids of the marmmaries and thus lead to their enlargement. Being natural I had no fear of facing any skin issues. From the day it arrived I started applying it every day and incredibly I could notice stark enhancement in my breast size within a fortnight.

He came after about a month and we met with our passions triggering some intimate moments. At the first glance itself he noticed something unusual in my silhouette but could not understand what it was. After a session of foreplay he gradually stripped me off my top. My twin assets bounced up and there they were staring at him with all their voluptuous, luring structure, something he had never thought my boobies would become any day. I really did not know enlargement creams could do such wonders until I tried on the Viaxi Breast Enlargement Cream myself. The only words that came out of his astonished mouth were “Wow, are they real? How did you ever get them?” and he reached out to cup them up to check out. They were real and I told him my little secret and how I did it only to smother and satiate him with my big boobs. With his big hands within which my teats would before lose their significance now looked big in comparison and would not come within his clasp either. Within minutes he had started fondling and playing with them and endowing me with pleasure galore and o the expression of satisfaction and passion that I saw that day on his face was something I had never seen before. When we had made love and lay there my twin Ds over his chest  he said now he had more and more of me to love post marriage.

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