Bedroom Tips for Women

How do I make my man last longer?

It was just this week when I got oh-so-fed up with my job and purchased a ticket quick to be with my guy over the weekend. The hectic lifestyle has been eating up into my sex life like never before. And what did I find this time?  My man sort of lasted less long than I ever remember after we were keen to make our romp the best ever.

It was now that I got my grey matter to muse over how to make him last longer in bed. With so much happening around, a quick 69 is not all you can give your romp a high touch with!

Make it frequent– Spice up your love life. Forget work over 3 days atleast per week. Jump into each other with next to nothing on. The secret to make men last longer in bed and climax perfectly is in having frequent sex. Trust me, the distance gets you mad but also interferes with your sex status.

The egoists that men are…..— We do not complain—this is something can actually help them even mentally. It is not pleasant for a man to climax before his better half. We suggest that you get grooving with a cowgirl reverse position or even going on top. The deeper you allow him in, while you tend to be in control of your stimulations, the better chances of you climaxing faster. The look you have on face when your man sees you go oooo and oohhhhh is a passport to bliss for them. No doubt, we call men tigers!

The “coming” story– When you see that your man is all set to climax, you just need to pause and squeeze his member’s tip gently. Make sure the pressure you apply is firm and then give a rollicky lick all over. This, scientifically, “pushes blood out of the penis and momentarily decreases sexual tension and represses the ejaculatory response”, says Dr. Robert J. Valenzuela, Urologist.

Work up your way to long lasting sex by trying a new position daily. Avoid positions wherein he pokes you from the back or even those that get monotonous. The doggie and missionary positions are basic—remember. They can be the means to good sex but not the best sex.

To sum up, we have something for the men too here—

All the tigers, make sure you go in for some good pressing. However, steer clear of thrusting. Your member must seamlessly move unto our clitoris. We want it to linger and touch us sensationally. We do not want bruises or a jibe in there. In addition, men can mash us up better when they go strong and steady. What’s the point of going in all at once, when you make us sweat in pain? Go in gradually, we are all yours. When it comes to love making we are bitches to the dog in you.


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