Bedroom Tips for Women

Give your man what he wants—THE wish coming true

So you want sex? Well, who does not? Sex is not meat or just a piece of brain wrecker to talk about. For lovers, sex is about making love. For experimenters, it is a way to unravel the way life has gone ahead from its inceptions. Moving into the limits of your bedroom—you and your man with nothing between you and penetration, here is a brief talk about how you can make your man’s sex wish number one come true.

  • Dominate is a man thing—Men do not have qualms about expressing dominance. Be it on your lingerie you purchase from an online lingerie store or in bed when you are all moist and waiting to lose in the sea of ecstasy. Allowing your man to feel his wish number one to come true can only begin when you let him take charge. Let him work through your contours and squeeze with extremity. Bedroom extremities do not mean violence. Getting it rough even when your man leaves his private asset to you—mouth or hand—is a wish most men fantasize on.
  • Let him munch you up– Now that you have got all over each other and he has almost torn your clothes off, it is time to unravel the next step to fulfilling his sexual wish. Allow you man to be a tiger. You can be a lioness and get him all hard and wet but when the time comes to take charge and go in deep, let him munch you up. Allow him to beat you around and squeeze your breast as much as your buttocks. Your man definitely wishes to own you physically and then claim his place in your private!
  • Spunk up his sex wish-Buy some online lingerie that gives peek-a-boo insight into your full bosom. Let you man fantasize before he gets into actions. Talk dirty on phone before you are ready to take the plunge. Get your man high even before you get naked. This is another wish that most men wish happens to them. Once he enters your room, set the stage by showing your desperateness to get in bed. Get him on you and seduce him in gradual bits. A man wishes for nothing as much as he does to climax after been wrung in your web for some time.

Spunk up your sex by offering more than your man ever thought. Strip off and never feel shy of pleasing your man with the wildest of moves in bed. Try poses anew with each lovemaking session and see how he gets crazy to the hilt.

Naked jewelry that can adorn your nipples can be a suitable option to turn you man on fire. Once he is alit, you just need to give him space to play on his home turf. Let him take you from either end. Let him pull your breasts and pinch you to red. Just let him be charged up and take him in for satiating sex wish number 1.


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