Bedroom Tips for Women

G-spot on your man? Yes, turn the heat on gals

You have moaned, cried, squealed and shrieked all at once when he hits you perfectly right. With the rough hands carousing you like a pirate devouring his loot, your orgasm might even have hit a record high as he tickled you and hit the mythical G-spot. Don’t you think, it’s time for some payback? We think so.

Turn on the air condition and hit the sack and the lump. Even your man can hit a high in spite of the missionary or the 69 going amiss if the G-spot location works right. Ian Keraner, author says, “Stimulating these spots not only feels terrific for a man, but it also builds sexual tension throughout his entire body and increases blood flow to his genitals.”

Try a massage with ice down him—If you are that sexy and irresistible you man might just go hard even on laying sights on you. However, getting him to eat you up and do the doggie bit daily might get dry and leave you high! Get an ice massage exclusively with your foreplay for his organ. See what harder to hardest feels in hand. Slip in the asset into your mouth that can have some hot water filled within! We know this sounds rough bt this spot and actions works an explosive result on him.

The lower sack– We guess that you must have always focused on the sack and let it feel loved in every way. Try seeing deeper. Your man will barely get vocal on his orgasm falling short of the erect one. It is time you located the second spot on him. It just lies sheltered on the balls and is slightly laidback. As you cajole the chocolate and pinch him. Get him experience heaven on pricking at the centre of the balls. We bet, he could never stop carving for her love. Gals, bring it on!

Not for the faint hearted- We like to get it harder still when it comes to scintillate your man with pleasure. This is for those with a daring heart—hold his member—erect and hard in hand and push it away from you while you rub it downward. See his intense look when the skin goes done and you are met with the pink of the member staring at you. When he simply pulls you closer to him, then put in your little finger gently. The amazing pleasure that you man experiences, can only be proven when he romps on you and gets the milk all out and spilling.

We suggest that you get roving mad in bed. Nothing can be greater than a man when it comes to finding his woman going nuts over his member and him. Throw in a syrupy lube all over his thighs and massage the ‘thing’ real smoothly. Once you know his top spots to graze orgasm territory, he is all yours. A slave who is still your master.




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