Best Tips for First Time Anal Sex and Anal Play

Anal sex is fun, but hot anal sex needs some easing into. Indian anal sex has been a forbidden topic, but recently, many couples have come to learn the benefits of butt sex. Men are now enjoying the intense orgasms that prostate massage through anal sex gives, just as women are enjoying the double pleasure of double penetration.

The first-time anal sex can be sore if you don’t know the rules. Lots of people wish they had known the tips and tricks before their first time anal sex. We will tell you all you need to know so you can have the best anal sex ever. 

Beginners Anal Foreplay Tips

Penetrating the anus with a penis or sex toy for first-time anal sex or later sex sessions requires carefulness because the anus is a very delicate part of the body. Anal foreplay is absolutely necessary because you have to get the anus ready for penetration, especially for first-time anal sex. Ramming into the butt like that can be really painful, and you don’t want to rush to the ER with a torn rectum. 

Anal sex foreplay is really enjoyable, and for first time anal sex, you might just stop at foreplay, but you are welcome to penetration if you please. If you opt for penetration, start with the finger. 

Let’s get to know some anal foreplay techniques that will make your first-time anal sex absolutely awesome. 

Start off with a sacral massage, this spot is just above the butt crack and massaging can help ease tension, especially if you are going to try out penetration during your first time anal sex. 

Try to relax your anal sphincter muscles through anal play before inserting a sex toy or penis into your anus. Tensed up anal muscles can be really painful if you try to put in anything into the anal.

Don’t forget the butt cheeks, some good butt foreplay can ease things up and get you in the mood for orgasmic anal sex. Squeeze the butt cheeks gently, kissing and kneading them.

Here are Some Anal Foreplay Tips You Must Know

  • You have to be aware that things can get messy, especially for the first time anal sex. Shit happens, so you might want to use towels or anything that can cover your bed or the surface where you will be having sex. To prevent this, you can try emptying your bowels a couple of hours before sex.
  • Water-based lube is a must-have. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate, so for the first time anal sex, lots and lots of lube will be needed to prevent chafing and friction. Lube also makes it easier for massaging and rubbing the anal area. 
  • Clean yourself up with soap and water or wash out with an enema at least an hour before sex. And after anal sex, a shower will be the fun thing to do. 
  • When you have your first-time anal sex, you might feel like you are about to poop. Know that this is absolutely normal and always happens. Butt queefs happen too as air escapes from the anus. 
  • Solo play is a way of learning about your body. Before you have first-time anal sex, you can try it out on your own by fingering yourself or using a butt plug to learn to. Find out what gives you pleasure and communicate this to your partner.
  • Never ever put a sex toy or penis that has been in your anus into your vagina without cleaning it up first. Proper hygiene is the key to avoiding infections. 

How to do Anal Sex?

Now you’ve made up your mind to have your first-time anal sex, you have to get into it prepared with the best anal sex tips. The first time anal sex will involve much preparation to avoid a case of bad anal sex. 

Good anal sex totally depends on knowing the best anal steps to follow. Train your anus before trying out penetration on your first time anal sex. You can’t go from having never put in a finger in your ass to having a penis pumping away. It will really hurt bad and believe it, you don’t want to know how bad. 

Things can really get messy during the first time anal sex, so you might just have to really take one of these anal sex tips seriously. Invest in comfortable and washable towels for covering your bed and other surfaces. 

Now that you’ve got your spot ready, get some water-based lubed and use lots of it.  Remember the butt sex tips for first time anal sex is that anal foreplay is a must. This helps to relax the butt muscles.

You can skip penetration during the first time anal sex if you are not comfortable with it. But if you must, start out with a small anal bead and gradually increase the size. For a penis or dildo, start out with just the tip and use a condom. Move slowly because, apparently, you’re not going to fuck the shit out of anyone. If it starts to hurt, just stop.

Is Anal Sex Safe?

Anal sex is great and just like any other type of sex, there are anal sex health risks that come up when you fail to take precautions. These anal sex risks include spreading STIs, colon perforation and irritating existing hemorrhoids. HIV is also a health risk to consider before trying out first-time anal sex. There’s a 13% increase in the chances that the person receiving anal sex will be exposed to HIV and if you must get down with your mouth, use a dental dam to prevent the spread of bacteria.  Ensure you take necessary precautions before trying out first-time anal sex. Make sure the muscles around the anus are properly relaxed during the first time anal sex risk of tearing and bleeding from the rectum. Wear a condom and insist that your partner should wear a condom during first time anal sex. Put a condom on your finger and sex toys too to prevent spreading STIs. 

Contrary to the popular myth, pregnancy is possible through anal sex. Semen can leak into the vagina and cause pregnancy. Although the chances of this happening are very rare, it is not ruled out.

Fecal incontinence (inability to hold in poop) is also considered a long-term health risk of anal sex. It is assumed that using lubrication and taking it slow can prevent this. 

Is Anal Sex Painful?

It’s your first time having anal sex and you are wondering if it will hurt.  If done properly, it won’t hurt. A lot of people go from zero to serious banging without taking, so steps to get the anus ready.  Anal sex pain is usually as a result of anal sex dryness and taking in a sex toy or penis without anal training or anal foreplay.  Using a water-based lube and starting out with a small sex toy for the first time, anal sex will rule out any pain. Also, start with something small. A little bleeding It’s normal for first time anal sex. As time goes on, the bleeding will stop. If for any reason, you continue to bleed, it might be that during anal sex, some existing hemorrhoids were irritated.

Lubricants and Sex Oils for Anal Sex

Before you set out for your first-time sex, make sure you have tubes of anal sex lubes handy. The anus has no natural anal lubrication, and there are sphincter muscles so tight that rubbing or massaging without lube will cause pain and discomfort. Avoid Vaseline because it can cause your condom to break, therefore exposing you to the risk of infection and possible pregnancy. Water-based lube is best for sex toys and condoms.

Lubes for Anal Sex

Different types of lube are available for first-time anal sex. And if you’re bold enough to try out ass eating for your first time anal sex, you should use the edible ID Juicy Lube.

1. Water-Based Lube

The best option for first time anal sex because it’s suitable for sensitive skin, leaves no stain behind, and doesn’t break condoms. Although you constantly have to reapply during sex. Water-based lube cannot be used in the shower because it easily washes out. Use water-based lube if you include sex toys in your first time anal sex. 

2. Silicon-Based Lube

Silicon-based lube is stickier, so it’s an amazing option for shower sex and you don’t always have to reapply. You don’t have to cover your sheets if you’re using for first time anal sex because it doesn’t leave behind stains. 

3. Oil for Anal Sex

based lube can also be used for massage in first time anal sex as they last longer and are really slippery. Oil-based lubes are a no-no for latex condoms. 

Anal Sex Toys to Level Up Your Sex Experience 

Anal sex toys do not only promise you endless anal orgasms. They help ease into first time anal sex.  Just because it is your first-time anal sex doesn’t mean you should just pick up any shiny new toy off the shelf. The best anal sex toys are phthalate-free and hypoallergenic products that will not irritate the anus. Before you go trying out a sex toy with your partner, it will be a good idea to practice using it on yourself and find out what feels good and what makes you uncomfortable. Also, consider size when choosing an anal sex toy. Start with something small for your first time anal sex and gradually go up for larger sizes. This can take several weeks or months, so be patient. Don’t forget to use lube with anal sex toys. Avoid using an anal sex toy in the vagina without proper cleaning to prevent the spread of bacteria from the anus to the vagina. Clean your sex toys before and after use to prevent bacteria from spreading.

Vibrating Butt Plug 

Vibrating anal toys are wonderful prostate massagers for men and A-spot simulator in women. The novelty of the vibration intensifies your orgasm.  Vibrating anal beads can be used to relax the anal muscles and get ready for penetration during first time anal sex.  

Silicone Jelly Anal Butt Plug-Orange

This is a must-have for the first time anal sex because its unique design makes it easy for penetration. The suction flared base makes it easy to stick to ceramic or glass surface so you can enjoy a variety of positions for anal orgasm. 

Kaamastra Heart-shaped Anal Beads Black

has 6 beads of different sizes specially chosen to give you intense orgasmic pleasure for your first time anal sex. Made of phthalate-free material with a heart-shaped flare for safety. 

Non-Vibrating Butt Plugs 

Butt plugs are sex toys you plug into your ass that give you the sexy pleasure of feeling full. Butt plugs can also be used for anal training in readiness for the first time anal sex.  Start with a small butt plug that can easily be inserted and has a flared end that makes it easy to pull out. 

Anal beads are inserted into the anus and slowly pulled out to give anal pleasure. When using anal beads, start with something small. Use only plugs and beads with flared ends for safety.  The flared base prevents the anal toys from getting lost in the anal canal and also makes it easier to pull out.

Kaamastra Squeeze Anal Sleeve Mini Bullet Vibrator 

Anal sex just got better with this waterproof vibrator that will take your anal orgasm to a whole new level. Made of safe materials and easy controls. This anal toy can be used for first time anal sex or by those experienced in the game. Good for prostate massage or anal foreplay.

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