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Best Sex Positions to Level Up Your Pleasure

How adventurous are you? How many different sex positions do you know and how many have you been bold or lucky enough to try out?  Things can get really boring in the bedroom, especially if you are in a long-term relationship.  You need some new Indian sex position to keep the passion burning and leave you dripping with pleasure.  Anytime you try different sex positions, you bring in some novelty that builds the sexual excitement and leaves you gasping for more. There are lots of exciting Kamasutra sex positions to try out. Experiment to find out the best sex position that works for you and your lover. 

Different Sex Positions for Couples

Trying out different sex positions with your lover is a good way to bond and renew the spark in your relationship.  Although you are really excited to try amazing different sex positions, you might want to talk to your partner and stick to what works for you. 

Get off the rut with the routine.  If you are not really into the kinky and all that, you can start out with easy sex positions, then ease into something kinkier. Remember, it’s different strokes for different folks, so the best love sex positions are the ones that work for you and your partner and leaves you with a mind-blowing outta-the-world-orgasm. 

Men are visually stimulated, so trying out different sex positions like the corkscrew or doggy offers a more exciting view from a different angle. 

Pleasurable Sex Position for Women

Sticking to the missionary alone is not enough to make many women orgasm. Penetration in different sex positions is not just exciting but also feels different. You also get all the goody goodness of clitoral, anal and total body stimulation.  The novelty of trying out different sex angles can be exciting and arousing.  

A quick shower boning can be a good idea when you are horny but need to get ready ASAP. There are different sex positions you can try in the shower, but if you really want something hot and primal, go for the doggy.  Bend over and try to touch your toes as your partner penetrates you from behind with their hands on your hips. 


The good old missionary sex position is the most basic. Although it doesn’t give you much room to touch the clitoris, it is still a very intimate position for kissing and eye contact and comfortable for period sex.  There are exciting ways to spice up the basic missionary style; you can add sex toys, masturbate, and even vary the angle.  Put a pillow under your butt to give your hips a higher angle and have your knees bent and your legs wrapped around your partner. 


If you want a sex position for females that like to be in charge, the cowgirl is one of the different sex positions that lets you control the strokes and the thrusts.  The cowgirl position gives your partner a sexy view of your body, and allows you to rub his chest, play with your clitoris and breasts. If you are self-conscious about your body, you can try a different sex position, which is the reverse cowgirl. This way, he gets turned on by watching your booty bounce and do the yoga. 

Doggy Style

Oh yeah, the naughty doggy has always been our favorite go-to for quickies in the most unusual places. When you want to explore different sex positions for a tighter fit and G-spot stimulation, doggy is the way to bang. Here’s our fave part, your partner can get a real nice view of that sexy butt and can squeeze or spank it. With his hands free to explore, you can enjoy a good clitoral stimulation and get your boobies fondled too. 

The Chair

There are different sex positions you can try off the bed and outside the bedroom too. “The chair” is one of them.  Grab a sturdy armless chair and have your partner sit on the chair as you straddle him, thrust and grind. This position is intimate and naughty at the same time. 

Satisfying Sex Position for Men

Variety is the spice of life, so is penetration from the best sex angles and depth. The wonderful thing about cumming is that it can be done in different sex positions. You don’t have to go acrobatic to get all the fun you want when you are figuring out different sex positions to add to your sexcapade bucket list. Horse- sized peens aren’t the only ones that get all the fun. Different sex positions work for different penis sizes.  Check out the best sex position for small sizes.

Teach Me How to Doggy

Doggy style is smoking hot, whether it’s in the shower or on all fours. Admit it, the view of the penis penetrating the vagina, and that sexy ass bouncing on you is mind-blowing. Doggy also gives you a tighter fit and a deeper penetration for a small penis. Let your partner get on all fours and have her tilt her hips, raising her butt up.


Talk about a different sex position for the male that gives you a nice view and allows you and your partner to touch each other. Cowgirls are sassy, sexy, and naughty. Who doesn’t like a nice view of bouncing tits and watching her go O-wow! This will definitely get your engines revving. In this position, your partner controls the depth of the thrusts, especially if you have a big dick. Lay on your back as your partner straddles you. You can also rub her clit as she rides you.

Flat Iron

There are different sex positions to get your groove on when you’ve had a long day, but you and your partner are as horny as rabbits. And anyways, sex releases the good hormones that ease stress. While she lays face down on the bed and you on top of her, put a pillow or two under her pelvis to lift her hips and have her close her legs together to give you a tighter feel. The good thing about banging in these different sex positions is that you can really go slow, and it allows for clitoral stimulation. Vary your thrusts by moving your hips in a circular fashion.

X Marks the Spot

It’s time to get into a different sex position that hits the bull eye and creates a very intense sensation.  Do this on the kitchen table and bask in the euphoria of the novelty. Your lady lays on her back and raises her legs in the air, she crosses it at the ankles or knees and rests her feet on your shoulders. You can penetrate her in a standing position. This will give you the feeling of filling her up, especially if you have a small penis. Now enjoy a tighter fit and a sexy view.

Solo Pleasure Positions

For the single and horny, there are different sex positions you can try out for solo play. Whether you are using a sex toy or your hands, you have mind-blowing orgasms in different sex positions. For men, you can wank with a sex doll and for women sliding up and down on the vibrator gives you a squirting O.

Sex Position for LGBT

Lesbian and gay sex is not so different from sex between straight partners. Due to a lack of information about what really goes down during lesbian and gay sex, it is a common assumption that different sex positions like spooning, missionary, or the cowgirl are a no-no during gay sex. Gay sex isn’t always spontaneous because you have to worry about what you ate an hour ago and if there’s enough lube. And you can’t just dive into different sex positions at the drop of a hat because you are dealing with the anus.

Sex Position for Gay


For couples who want different sex positions that offer the opportunity for intimate kissing and eye contact, the missionary style is a good idea. It is also one of the best gay sex positions for a newbie.

The receiving partner lays on his back with his legs spread open while the penetrating partner lays on top of him, and they are lying face-to-face. The receiving partner can put a pillow under his butt to provide additional support.


The penetrating partner lies on his back while the receiving partner straddles him in a squatting or kneeling position facing him gently easing his penis into his anus. In this sex position for gay, the receiving partner has control over the thrusts and can have his P-spot stimulated at the same time. For variation, experiment with different sex positions like the reverse cowboy.


To add icing to the cake, you can try these different sex positions that allow you to give your partner a handjob while banging him and stimulating his P-spot. With both partners lying on their side, the penetrating partner goes in from behind. This intimate position allows you to kiss your partner’s neck and hold him tight. The receiving partner can stroke his penis or have his partner give him a handjob while banging him.

69 and Frotting

Sex position for gays doesn’t always have to be a dick in the ass. You can go for different sex positions like oral as in the 69 positions simultaneously giving each other blow job.

For the sex episodes, when you don’t feel like having penetrative sex, go fo a different sex position like frotting. Frotting is the act of rubbing your penis against your partner’s penis for sexual pleasure.

You enjoy all the fun of gay loving in different sex positions, but don’t forget to practice safe sex. Condoms are crucial in preventing STIs and STDs.

The anus is a very delicate and sensitive part of the body; therefore, whether you are penetrating with a penis or sex toy, water-based lube should be your best friend.

Gay sex can be really messy because, in life, shit goes down. So it’s important that you pay the loo a visit, an hour or less before you have sex. Hygiene is very important, clean yourself with soap and water. But if you really want a thorough cleaning, use an enema.

Sex Positions for Lesbian

For most people, the idea of experimenting with different sex positions always includes a penis. And this builds the curiosity about what goes on in lesbian sex. Vulva to vulva sex can still be enjoyed in different sex positions. These positions allow you to play with the breasts, stimulate the clitoris, and you can even add a sex toy to the fun.

The Classic Head

The classic head is a sex position for lesbians that don’t involve penetration. A good oral is not only a good way to heat up things but can give you an electrifying orgasm. It can also be a good idea for anyone that enjoys different sex positions for clitoral stimulation.

Strap-On in a Chair

To spice things up, try out different sex positions in unusual places like the shower or in a chair. Put on a dildo strap on a sit in a chair, have your partner straddle you, and bounce or slide on the strap on. This different sex position is terrific for couples who enjoy penetrative lesbian sex positions.

Sex Furniture for Different Sex Positions

Sex furniture can help you enjoy deeper sex angles in different sex positions.

Kaamastra Mega Size Inflatable Sex Position Ramp

gives you full back and waist support for different sex positions. Get a deeper and better penetration with the inclined support. Great for different sex positions off the bed and outside the bedroom.

Kaamastra Heavy Duty Zebra Print Sex Swing

There’s no limit to the different sex positions you can enjoy swinging around outside your bedroom.

Kaamastra Sex Position Inflatable Booster Pillow

will give you just the perfect tilt for anal play and vaginal penetration in different sex positions.

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