Bedroom Tips for Women

5 things he wants you to do during sex

How often have you branded your man to be an unfeeling animal who cares for a romp and then leaves you to dress yourself up? It is not very rare for women to label their partners as all-too-bored with the lovemaking that you keep spicing up. However, the truth is way different. Men are not just carnivorous and fantastical when it comes to sex. They also wish for their woman to do few things that throws them in a tizzy!

Sense of direction- Oh yes, men barely like to be dictated at home but in the bed, the table well get turned in your favor. Men might be lions, yes we admit, but they do want some breaking onto in bed. How hard or how fast—that perhaps helps them come on to you better!

Not that clean- While women believe that squeaky clean down under will rake in their pistol real hard, the realty is bit different. Men actually are not very repulsive to seeing a little bush down there. We mean, that you must decide how much is too much but the hairy feel actually adds to the ejaculation experience with better mush!
Get vocal and verbal- We know that the fairer sex is expected to be docile? But who did you hear that from? Austen? Well, we have come a long way since her era and now men love her to get vocal, all out and loud, when he drives in. The screams and “oh my gods” needs to be injected with some whole-on wet words that make him go harder even when it is time to get limp. Heard of a double orgy? Well, it might just be here.

Get it in- No wonder, you love to plan your blowy moves as much as you love your blow dry. But he wants to see a wee bit more when it comes to treating his milk. While there are excuses galore that you have had in mind but try and swallow it in to see how turned on your man feels.

Attention please- The one last thing he dies to see in bed is to make his woman drool all over his body instead of THE zone. Stroke him in parts and see how his organ zooms up like you ever imagined. Leave your hands for something else; the tongue works wonders without speaking too.

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We know that the missionary crown rests on their head. However, getting quirky and oddly exciting is his one dream wish. Try out innovative positions. The 69, done the right what and the rough way ahead is the way to go.

We bet, these are enough to keep you buzzing and brimming with energy. Synergize them the right way and make him feel wanted with all his bed fantasies coming true. You may leave the lights on!

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