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Last Longer in Bed with These 11 Tips

1)  Keep yourself Fit –

Regular exercises, eating healthy, good dietary habits can help a person stay healthy and fit; fitness keeps illnesses and health issues at bay while giving you toned muscles, energy and stamina as well as a long and happy life. Kegel exercises are the most popular and effective among women and men that should be done every single day to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Continuous Kegel exercises can help men with problems like premature ejaculation which in turn can make them last longer in bed.

2)      Slow and Steady –

Getting right too it may last only a couple of minutes and your female partner may (most likely) not even climax; this can leave both unsatisfying without actually quenching the thirst. Unless you’re going for a quickie, take your time, start slow and focus on being aroused (and making your partner aroused as well). Work on those erogenous zones and make your way up (rather down), instead of rushing for penetration.

3)      Experiment Once in a While –

If your partner is up to it, switching it up once In a while can add excitement in the mix, a lot of men and women suffer from low libido and most men suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, monotony could play a small part in it so try and experiment with your partner, from positions to sex toys when you go for something new the excitement levels increases and you feel closer to your partner. Experimentation is a really good way to last longer in bed.

4)      Self-love –

Believe it or not, this is something that could use practice, knowing when to slow down, focusing on your partner’s pleasure and climaxing exactly when you want to could use a little training, masturbation can do that for you. Go solo or include a toy like a masturbation cup or textured penis sleeve, not only will this enhance the experience but also will provide a realistic impression where you can try to control premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.

5)      Partner’s Pleasure –

A really good way to last longer in bed is to take your time to pleasure your partner, sexual activity is about two people and you want your partner to be just as satisfied, don’t you? An effective way to not climax fast is to help your female counterpart climax first, not only does this take the pressure off but makes sure that both of you have a satisfying and fulfilling experience.

6)      Delay condoms –

There are quite a few dedicated products available that can easily help delay ejaculation, extra thick durable delay condoms are one of the best options, while you must always have protected sex delay condoms come with an added bonus as they desensitize the tip of the penis and let you enjoy longer in bed. When you do climax, it will be strong and satisfying for both the partners.

7)      Ayurvedic supplements –

Various effective Herbal remedies are available that work towards specific sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Medicines, creams, and oils have been developed to make sexual encounters last longer in bed and to leave both partners completely satisfied. These all-natural supplements include libido enhancement herbs and minerals as well as strengthens reproductive health; ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Moringa, Shatavari and many more other extracts can be found in these herbal supplements.

8)      Foreplay –

Many couples skip the foreplay and get down right to it if you’re trying to last longer in bed and in your bedroom. this might not be the best strategy. Foreplay is just as important as sex; it is a big tease that helps arouse the partners and gets you in the mood. Foreplay is when natural lubrication occurs and the deed leading up to it can be extremely fun, the more time you spend arousing your partner the longer your experience lasts.

9)      Sexual Aids –

Everyone needs help sometimes, while you and your partner might enjoy vanilla sex using some props and toys can only make it better. Sexual aids like anal beads, vibrators, lubricants, massage oils, sex furniture’s, etc. can keep both of you occupied while you explore it and each other. This is an extremely fun way to last longer in bed as it gives you so much more to do and very many ways you can pleasure your better half.


10)  Positions –

Certain sex positions can also delay ejaculation during sex if you and your partner have a favourite go for it but switch it up to a different style after a while, and then to another. This can not only help you find some exciting new positions you may love but also be extremely fulfilling without climaxing too soon.


11)  Local desensitizers –

This is a safe and effective way that can be used if you the PE condition is very serious; some men climax upon arousal in that case using something that can help you have sex in the first place is vital. There are various local desensitizers such as creams, wipes, condoms etc that can be used before penetrating your partner. (in this case please make sure your partner is not allergic to any of the materials used in the desensitizers and always use a condom)

What Are the Causes of Not Lasting Longer in Bed?

Last Longer in Bed

Inability to last long in bed popularly termed as Premature Ejaculation is an extremely common problem among men, very many different factors can be involved in why your partner is not able to last long in bed. Lifestyle factors, routine, physical changes, mental stress, environmental factors are extremely broad reasons on why your partner is unable to perform for the duration that you’d like. While every person’s case differs from the other all men have at least once in their life experienced unsatisfying premature ejaculation.

Physical conditions –

Various health problems and their respective medications can have adverse effects on a person’s sex drive and performance. Lack of exercise, irregular sleep patterns and unhealthy food habits can result in the inability to perform in the bedroom, loss in libido or in some cases cause premature ejaculation. Chronic illnesses, diseases and many health-related issues as well as weight issues can be causes of not being able to enjoy a satisfactory experience in the bedroom.

Mental condition –

Stress is one of the biggest factors contributing towards many health problems in both men and women, too much pressure to perform in the bedroom can oftentimes lead to a quick climax leaving both the parties unsatisfied. The Mental state of a person whether it is stress from work, disagreements at home, financial issues or peer pressure can have effects on a person’s overall behaviour and performance; this drastically shows itself in the bedroom where men climax sooner than they would like to.

While a lot of different factors can result in premature ejaculation there are techniques on how to last longer in bed, from sexual aids, delay condoms to ayurvedic medicines there is something to help everyone with bedroom problems. If you have constantly searched for how to last longer in bed men for your man first try and pinpoint the reason for the problem; this would make it easier for you to get the right product, correct medicine or simply take the right steps towards your (and your partners) sexual health.

Different Ways for How to Last Longer in The Bedroom

You can always have a few tricks up your sleeve if you’re wondering about how to last longer in bed without pills, Here’s How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally.

–  Make Necessary Lifestyle Changes – 

While certainly no one likes monotony, you must focus on making some        lifestyle changes, eating healthy, working for last longer in bed exercises like Kegels, sleeping well, hydrating enough etc to keep your stamina up and enjoy your sexual encounters for more than just a few minutes.

–  Go for New sex Techniques –

Get out of your comfort Zone, spice things up with different positions and      techniques that you and your partner always talk about but never actually do. This gives you a chance to explore each other’s bodies while lasting longer in the bedroom.

–  Try New Products and Medicines – 

Safe and secure custom-made creams and oils are available for penis enhancement; these particular enhancement products help control premature ejaculation as well. Adding new products like vibrating penis rings, edible, lubricant or enhancement creams can help you and your partner explore more and last longer in bed.

–  Sex toys – 

    Foreplay can help arouse your partner and take the pressure off of you, adding some sex toys to the mix like a dildo, anal plug, nipple clamps or vibrators can be extremely fun and give you time to go slow and enjoy all of your partner.

–  Helping Your Partner Improve their Sexual Performance – 

    Most women claim to have never felt an orgasm during sex, to last longer in bed simply shift your focus to your partner and take the time to play with each other, once your partner is satisfied you can both together work on you.

–  Drinking Alcohol, Weight Gain, Weight Loss – 

     Some of the things can naturally slow down the process and make it difficult for you to climax quickly are alcohol and excess/or less body weight. These in no way cure premature ejaculation just make it difficult to finish fast giving you and your partner more time together

–  Mental Training – 

    Practice makes perfect, the same lies for sex too. Training yourself alone can help you figure out how you want to play it with a partner.

–  Adult Circumcision – 

    Adult circumcision (in case you aren’t already circumcised can also be a good way to last long in bed, it desensitizes the tip of the penis to a certain extent while helps control premature ejaculation apart from many other benefits.

–  Desensitizers – 

    One of the most effective ways to last long during sex is using desensitizers, these are available in various forms, wipes, condoms, ointments or oils specially made with a desensitizing agent

Treatment to Last Longer in Bed
Potassium intake – 

Various different fruits and vegetables are high in potassium content; this boosts stamina and helps you perform better. All the nutrients from a healthy vegetarian dominated food habit/lifestyle can help you enjoy longer time in the bedroom.

Iron and Zinc – 

two more components that your friends use are iron and zinc, present in a lot of fruits like strawberries and gooseberry, these components improve sperm quality and in turn helps you last longer in bed.

Avoid Smoking and Drinking – 

Smoking has a huge effect on all the internal system functions of a body, decreasing the blood flow to the penis as well. Drinking as is very well-known leaves a person in a state of high where they are not completely in control of their senses.

Lower your intake of sugar and work on a fitness routine – 

A sugar rush or a sugar high can feel wonderful at the time but a sugar crash can be equally strong yet devastating. The crash takes away energy and all of your body’s stamina; a state where sexual performance is simply impossible. Following a routine fitness regime can help tone your muscles and strengthen your core/hands and legs (things men need most for support during sex) Herbal Medicine for Sexually Long Time are extremely popular as they are made with all natural and ayurvedic components. These help with bedroom problems like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation along with boosting stamina, working on your reproductive health, improving sperm quality and more.

Techniques –  

There are a lot of things you can do in bed to delay ejaculation, from training for it, using the squeeze before you climax technique or desensitizing the tip of your penis with delayed condoms, wipes and more. Pick and choose what suits you best and last as long as you want in bed. 

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