Bedroom Tips for Men

Why men shouldn’t write sex columns?

Sex is an expression of love, of mutual admiration and affection, of two people uniting body and soul in the most intimate and primal of rhythms that governs human nature. There are thousands of ways in which people are advised to have sex, millions of aphrodisiac products that are advertised so that people can regain their sexual drive and billions of dollars are invested and spent every month on the subject of sex, on whores, on pornography, on erotic literature, or sexual toys, on sexual fantasies and even sexual caricatures of notable people. Books written on sexual technique stamina and pleasure are legion and most of them are written by men. Most of them are completely useless because men don’t know the first thing about sex.

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am:

The persistent idea about male sexuality is speed and ejaculation. Most men don’t care a whit about the pleasure of the girl or the techniques of sex. For them sex is just one position, the missionary where the woman is flat on her back and the man climbs on top, puts his penis into her vagina, pumps away for five minutes, then ejaculates and thinks of himself as the master of the world and god’s gift to women. The entire idea of men giving sexual advice is ridiculous because their penis and testicles does all their thinking for him and turns even the most intelligent man into a drooling sex starved monkey.

Making women happy:

Women know more about sex than men. Their relationship with the sexual organs is much more intimate because they bleed every month, which makes them acutely aware of the sensations that can take place in the vagina. They are the people who enjoy slow sensuality, the gradual building up to a climax and the release of ecstasy in an orgasm that transports people to the stars. Men have no idea about what the joys of sex unless a woman is considerate to teach them, instruct them how to control the urges, how to thrust well, how to use the fingers and the tongue and how to give pleasure to the partner and put her needs above theirs while making love.


The true knowledge of sex, the unlocking of the lost places in the brain, the opening of the doorway to the seventh heavens is beyond the imagination of most men. Men should not give sexual advice because most of them have no idea what they are doing.




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