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 Size Zero vs. Curvy Women

The debate on Size Zero vs. Curvy Women has been going on since time immemorial. In every era the taste has changed. In the golden era, curvy women were considered to be sexy and beautiful. There used to be no dieting and there were no skinny women.

Ever thought how men think in the bedroom niche for the size zero concept? Here is a man’s mind unveiled when it comes to choosing between a curvy lass and a skinny lady as a choice for making intense love.

Size zero is the name given to the latest trend among young women who have become very skinny so that they can achieve the size zero that is 31-23-32. The girls have constraint themselves from eating in order to maintain the size zero. The size zero is just associated with being thin. But when we got men talking on this they well admitted that sex meant something to hold on to. In addition, that something could not possibly be poking ribs and bones. The nimble nature of women is a turn on in bed, they say. However, when it comes to nimble hands and a body that has no inkling of curves is a huge turn off.

Why curvy?

The specific curves in her specific areas mean a special bond that grows with naked and urgent exploration of bodies in bed. In fact, a confiding buddy of mine did admit that the slight love handles of his partner actually leads him to get higher with a zeal. In fact, most men I have talked to in my life admit that it is no caressing if there is no ample flesh to grab onto.

The joyride of making love reaches a climax when men get to move their hands all over her contours.

Myth — Slim and scantily bodied women are symbol of sex. Henceforth, girls want to be the sexy by being size zero.

Reality- Real men love flesh not bones. They are no dogs, you see. This well sums up what men want. Dating back to the Victorian society, when parks were a norm associated with courtship, men have found the cushiony softness of a lady heavenly. It is not for nothing that men love resting their head on her stomach. The trend continues. No matter how many Kate Moss-es we see, the skeletal thinness turns men sick in bed. The idea of making love to a curvy lady brings alive scope to try postures that only a well-bestowed woman can bear!

Think of 69 and think of the innovative doggie poses. If the woman is not strong and fleshy enough to take her man in, where would the fun of lovemaking go? Think deep. Before you diet to an anorexic limit, recall the pinches and whipping sex you enjoyed until now. If he has no flesh to bite, grab and devour, how else would your lovemaking gain fruition?


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