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Sex via the iPad- Tech and apps to add to bedroom fun

Well, sex is no longer restricted to the bed. We have given you insights too many into how we consider making love in the shower, in the bathtub, one the floor et al. By now, our blog has well advised you on choosing the right positions according to size, style and time. However, even technology seems not too far from sex and its mongering. Check out this Kamasutra app for your Apple iPad. Wonder how it could spice up your bed room tryst? Well, it is augmented reality. And it teaches—this way you can try the poses while the iPad exhibits it.

So you have been forgiven for thinking that Apple designed products for geeks. On lines of the tagline for Samsung that says, “designed for humans’, Apple has gone somewhere farther that we even imagined. Sex and its erective arrow sells in all cases. Apple has taken this mantra up its sleeve and had finally decided to offer Kama Xcitra for its iPad users on its iOS.

Forget all the blushes and all the “awwws”, For users, it’s time that they get into bed with some classy tech to catalyze their  lovemaking! This app is based on the concept of augmented reality (AR) that actually makes users feel that they are seeing a tutor training you on the positions—personally, up and very close! Shake the iPad around to see the 3D figures from all angles.

Kamasutra Xcitra app excites couples enough so that their real time trysts come laced  with learners from the augmented tech. This will anyway, boost spirits and erections. With this app, on e thing is warranted. Your wife will love your gadget as much as you do. Amazon offers this amazing preloaded iPad in a package to suit your wallets as well.

The best part about using tech in bed is that you get to know his or her wow zones. The tingly sensations on his pelvis and her tingles on the things can get better if you have a new position to experiment with daily. Adapting poses from the books are not really easy. The app can make your life easier and less sweaty. The fact that sex gets you all wet in ways more than one can actually light up your fire. Capture moments of lovemaking on your handycam too. We do not want you to hinder to hampering ground. However, this preserves memories and viewing these help you blush and fall in love with each other all over again. Try the sex game in this style. There is a lot more to it than you have ever imagined. Good luck!


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