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Sex Dare Games

 Sex and truth! Truth and dare! Connotations that are classic indeed. With time, this has become exciting and couples who choose to coat their bedroom rounds with a lot more than penetrative pleasure play sex dare games. Leave the rest to imagination and get set to punch in  a power packed session that can take both of you to a heavenly zone. Sex is much more than caressing and loving. It is how to caress and how desperate you get that defines this aspect of human emotions.

We have brought into the open a superb sex dare game idea. Try it out. And yes—keep reading till the end. We have a surprise game tip in store for you.

How to play?

Get set with the cards spread facedown. One of the couple picks the card and reads the challenge loudly. Then the person and her/his partner will follow the written instructions. Once the instructions are followed and the dare is completed, the card is kept aside and one the next card is picked up for the second round of sex dare game.

The following can be kept as dares in the card-

Ask to switch off the AC and by turns rub ice cube all over each other’s body. Whoever is creative wins the sex dare game.

For a girl dare- tie the guy’s hand with scarf. Then very slowly and intimately strip of the ones clothes in front of the guy. Do not untie until the guy begs. This is very innovative and intimate sex dare.

For this round, there can be various roles playing written on the paper. One will have to pick up any one card and will have to perform the role playing written on that. Some of the role playing scenario can be teacher- student, boss-assistant, nurse-patient and many such other scenarios. Mixing all these together and one can draw out a play out of this.

One can play hide and seek sex dare game. In this sex dare game one will have to hide and the other partner will search. One needs to have sex on the spot where one of them was hiding.

When any one of the partner has the dare in sex game, the other partner will ask him/her to perform daring sexual acts. In this one will have to perform the dare act.

Since dare games are usually played by people who are in relationship, this excites the relationship even better. The sex dare games are for heterosexual, bisexual, gay and even lesbians. Forego you inhibitions and get set going!

The surprise unveiled

Choose to end these quirky dares with a superb treat. If you are the woman, take charge and polish up the spunky sexy round with a chocolate bath for your partner. Rub some deep dark chocolate sauce over his manliness and on his stomach. Sprinkle some icing sugar to get him feel the crunch. Lick it up and sweep it clean.  The way this will make him go hard is next to incredible.



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