Bedroom Tips for Men

Phone romps—Light the spark and explode

As you get raving to get into the seductive world of lovemaking, your cells seemingly long to burst out and grab the closest chance of all! In the journey to woman or man-hood, the idea of testing the waters before taking a real plunge is passé.

It is time to unfurl the idea and eat it right. Get wet without being steamy in person. Yes, we are beckoning the boon of lovemaking–phone-sex devised right over call! Here are few steamy tips that can enmesh you in the web of hot romp even without getting as close to a touch!

Set ground- Women, for most times, get jittery at the smallest of issues while maintaining dignity at the worst of stuff. This, perhaps is, one rule you need to remember before thinking of orgy-ing her up on call. Let your sex call move not be to sudden. Prepare ground and let her vent out her daily frustration. Get on to it the mild way. Talk about how awesome the sexy lingerie online shopping got her to grab, looks on her assets—the ball would get rolling!

Whet it- The best way to bring her onto the phone play mode is to get curious. Begin with what she is putting on and then get into the groove by admitting how desperate you are to take them off. Gradually push her to admit if she is missing you caressing hands, if she is willing to dry her wet parts soon. Leading sex counselors says, “This follow-up session is especially vital because then she will realize your mood.”

The Catalyst– Once you have lit the fire, make sure that the arousal part of the story is fanned well. Talk about how hard you are and cajole her into confessing how badly she wants to suck you—real hard. Get it even more real by asking her to take clothes off as you do. Moan and squeal so that the connect exists even when you are miles apart. Guide her through the session. Be intensive in directing to take off her underwear, her clothes and even make her feel as if you are right there. Once the ball is in your court, the game is half won.

Talk it to linger– Do not fear to cross the line, talk it dirty. That really works on call. The fact that phone sex offers pleasure without exactly having to invest exercise into the same is the best   brownie point of the same.

The crux of phone sex is that it will never work if there is unequal and mutual participation. Make sure you reciprocate each other in all statements of desire. Experts says, “You must not underestimate the intensity with which heavy breathing or moaning works in favor to arouse her.  Imagine, if her moan makes or works wonder, your grunts could light a fire. Get set for an explosion!



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