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My tryst with the lube and how it could get you crazy…..Man to man advice

The first time I thought of lovemaking, I was excited. More than that, it titillated me with an underlying fear if I would get it right the first time. For a guy, getting it up is not a deal. The catch lies when he gets it right until the end!

With time, the fear gave way to confidence in getting it right, until the thought when I got thinking about getting it slimy enough to slide in perfectly. And viola, up surfaced lubes online to aid me in my conquest. Yes, pleasing my woman is no conquest, I believe. What else could be easier but to flaunt our libido with the woman of choice. Just that a lube could indeed make things spicier.

Trying lubricants got my sex steamier and more worthwhile. They intense look on her when she is ready to let me in and then my hands massaging her up close with some sensually favored lube could not get better than the wildest foreplay. The way I get to explore her contours all slipping my hands around is a turn on that makes me a great performer—not just a good one!

The way she could use lubes to her advantage too is way beyond your imagination. Letting her take the organ is no feat. Letting her swallow it with an enthusiasm to devour and bit through is a fantasy that takes time to get real. The strawberry fresh flavor from  KY Jelly, on the hard-on chocolate bar, can barely let her resist swallowing it down with an enthusiasm you barely imagine!

When is it the right time?

As a novice, lubes were alien to my needs. Once I discovered Superslyde and Hathor Aphrodisia brands online lubricant stores offer, my perspective of spicing up my feast underwent a massive transformation. From an o to an O is a possibility that can get to scale newer heights. Caress her all over and get her squealing for a pinch around the nipples. Throw in some chocolate lube on her thighs and see her come even before you are atop her. Once she gets moaning, rub in harder. Make sure the slime does not get too much. She gets naturally wet too as much as you get heated up to explode in her.

O for oral sex before orgasm

Spice up your foreplay round when you suck her right and make her desperate to get you in her mouth. (No more jitters that I often faced from my woman when I was hard and all milky.)

The natural animalistic desire gets hotter whereby the organ is bursting to go all out and there is some superb lube to slip it out and in her mouth. Trust me, there is no way she can refuse to take you when she is all wet naturally and via the lube way too!

Once you have are high on the slick slime, fire up the session and warm it up. Gently spread it over her vagina and work your way inside—finger first and then the 11th finger. Once you are perfectly decided to pour into her, lube up if you deem necessary—on the condom. A water-based lube tube could be an ideal pick for all my comrades who are raring to hit bull’s eyes—oops, the female G-spot.


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