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Male Fantasy- Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg- the man beaming with the pride of having won the title of the Sexiest Man Alive for consecutive two years is one of the hotties who makes me melt and wet in my dreams. He may be happily married but that does not stop me from fantasizing about this 30 year old tech junkie who has got just the right oomph factor in him to get girls go gaga over him. His sex appeal oozes from his intelligence. His looks may not be anywhere comparable with those handsome celebs out there but which nevertheless has an intellectual charm that never fails to sweep girls off their feet.

One look at the man flashing his usual intelligent smile is enough to get my heart throbbing fast. I sit for hours on end browsing through the latest pictures of this Facebook founder uploaded on the web. I often get surprised questions thrown at me asking me what is it that makes me go crazy about this white guy for there are definitely much more handsome hunks out there. One reason is obviously his wit and intellect which draws me towards him and makes me imagine of all the things he would do different that other guys out there to woo his amour. He would never settle for what seems the clich├ęd idea of romantic lovemaking, nor would he opt for something wild in the crudest forms of sex. He would let his woman seduce him over till the point where she herself begs for his attention and touch and then ravage her with his unique kind of lovemaking gestures. He may be the youngest and one of the most successful entrepreneurs but in bed he would like his woman to rule. Not to speak of his billion dollar treasure some part of which he is definitely going to spend on some real hot sex toys and products to take the sessions a notch higher.

The fact that this young American has an Asian fetish is another perk which makes me fantasize about him in my wildest of imaginations. The very thought of the luscious red lips of this handsome young man going down by shapely silhouette with every inch of it being praised with a subtlety unknown to commoners makes me go wet. When a man has the confidence to do something so big, he does have the prowess to flatter a woman to the hilt. He would never rush into things, a pragmatic entrepreneur that he is. He would alternate it with perfection- going slow at one moment and pacing it up the other. He would leave me moaning and groaning for more but not until he has seen the expression of satisfaction on my face when I would clutch him hard and feel the moment of erotic bliss. Making love with Mark Zuckerberg ought to be special.

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