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Make the ‘o’ go ‘O’ — A-Z of an orgasm guide

Making love never seems a bore. With your partner tucked into a sheer chemise and nothing else separating you two, lovemaking opens up doors to experience pleasures that are way above heavenly. Only when it comes to climaxing, most men complain to failing to make the right target. A spot missed and the O-word begins with o. Here are the easiest ways to work the o into an O or even wider O O O’s.

The A of the O story

Heat up the session even before you are fully into it. Give a chocolate massage on the areas you know can arouse your partner.  You need to get her warm up to you in bits and parts. No woman is all roused in a jiffy. Make sure you start it right at the feet. Massage it right and get her groaning. Remember the first step to give her a big O is to arouse her desire without touching her intimately and in depths.

Journeying up- Most women go bad and all out when her lover get her all sweaty with a flick of the tongue. Going gentle is the way to spice up your lovemaking. Allow her to feel that you are all hers to devour. React to her tugs on your hair with nibbling her assets. Behave as if there is no tomorrow and see how she gets roaring like the lioness you wanted.

Try her naval—The zone around the naval gets her going. Try to use a lubricant online stores have on offer. Rub your way gradually downwards and it is then she could explore. Bring yourself on her and get going the missionary way.  Women find it hard to resist a man who dominates while working his way up in gradual steps.

Once she is totally cozy with you in her, work up the biggest O with caresses on her assets. Get her grooving to your rhythm with a vibrator lacing her buttocks. The best way to finally get her to come in when she is on your pelvic area and you are bursting to get her.  Gradually massage her and slap her butts so that she fails to keep herself on you. Feel her grasping to get you on her. Once you achieve this—you know that your woman is all yours!

The big O warranty comes when your woman tells you what she wants. Once she tells you to bite her tight or tells you to take her soaring, your orgasm agenda stands fulfilled. As Berman says, “Men really want direction.”

The Z of the O story

As you reach the climax, cleverly simmer down. Once your woman pulls you to rest in her arms, rough it up. Her shrieks and squeals could signal you to go down deep and erupt. The finishing touch to the O-thing lies in the ability to hold you in her silk body at least three minutes from your explosion. Pump up your lovemaking with the o getting O. Be a beast and get goring in the cradle of love.





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