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Kaamastra Products for Easing your Doggy Efforts

Ooh! Aah! It hurts Love! Puff he withdraws from inside understanding your pain but simultaneously leaving himself unsatisfied to some extent. Well, going down the doggy way can be a bit painful but it can be immensely pleasurable as well, both for you as well as your partner. It goes without saying that men are often awe about the doggy position since it gives them a surreal sense of satisfaction taking you from your behind, a gesture which gives expression to his animalistic passions to the core. He has the liberty to enter you through your vaginal hole and give you mind blowing G-Spot stimulation or to grab your buttocks to slide in his member inside your anus to feel the tight muscles stimulating it to the core. But for a woman it can lead to some sort of stinging feeling at times compelling her to get back to positions which she is comfortable with. Do not fret, with these products from Kaamastra you can pep up your doggy style sex really well sans the painful oohs and with only pleasurable aahs.

The Viaxi Glide Strawberry Flavored Gel: If your man has a sweet tooth and loves strawberry give him the dual treat of lapping your soft spot up flavored with Viaxi Glide Strawberry Flavored Gel. The gel smoothens your labial hole and at the same time makes it extra sensitive to stimulations, thus relegating all pains in the background even when he is getting atop you from behind.

The Eros Relaxing Anal Spray for Women: Thinking of humping it through your anus tonight? While you cringe he is absolutely fantasized with the idea. Why not give him all the pleasure of watching your bulbous buttocks and spanking them lightly while he enters you from behind? Spray two puffs of Eros Relaxing Anal Spray, wait for a few seconds and go forth with it. Bet you will want more of anal sex with the spray relaxing your anal muscles and helping him to penetrate them without hurting you. You do not lose out on your sexual sensations while the sensitivity of the area drops down considerably. You can even apply a hypoallergenic lubricant like SuperSlyde Gel for increased smoothness and sexual stimulation.

The Discover G-Spot Gel by Intimate Organics: How about revving up your G-Spot to the lees so as to make it go crazy with intense stimulation even before he enters you in doggy style? Ask him to take a tad bit amount of Discover G-Spot Gel on his fingers and gently apply it deep down to your G-Spot. The gel will instantly heighten up your testosterone levels by augmenting the blood flow to your sensitive zone and lend you with pleasure galore. When the most erogenous zone of your body is stimulated to the dregs it the pleasure of penetration can overcome any pain.

So go bold and gear up for a raunchy doggy sex with these awesome products by Kaamastra.

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