Bedroom Tips for Couples

Flex it up with some great sex

We have heard the old wives’ tale that sex is good for the body and the mind. While we spend so much time planning and fantasizing how sexy lovemaking can get, it is time we thought if so vital fat can be burned too, then. Here are the top sex positions that make you sweep an orgy and also to be down.

The heat is on—Cut the Missionary moves. It is passé. We suggest the man to get carnivorous on all fours. Just make sure the main having comes from you downstairs. While your man gets in the groove and sticks to your pelvis, make sure you make some wonder moves that throws him in a maze. The tone works on the butts and the abs too!

Spoon in– Ever thought how birds get their heads around? Try lapping up yourself on you man when he is throbbing to come out in you. As he gets reckless, spoon your head around and mush up some lips real hard. Make sure the massages down there continue. While an orgasm is warranted, so is one vital tone down on abs and the butts.

Test your stamina—Want some mean workout while you work it hot in bed? Then try the standing position. Simply face your man and ensure both of you are standing while facing the other. Suspend yourself daintily by wrapping your legs around his waist. Hold on to his arms and shoulders. If your heights match then the insertion zone comes clean chit and you can get on  an exciting route you never imagined.  Sex experts say, “Make it more of a thigh, calf, and butt burn by squeezing those muscles to keep yourself in the air.”


We believe that one advanced position such as this will fully engage almost each muscle you have. Sit on the floor with your hands and feet towards the front while the buttocks rest firmly on ground. Make sure you lift up your hips and the chest to shape up like a bridge. We know you cannot work this long but it will punch in innovation while also toning you abs and arms. Our experts opine, “Think of this position as an interval workout.”


Explore it in depth


Make sure you add some juice with sexing up of an oral round. The best way to work sex even after long years together is that you bring alive his passion perfectly well. Throw in a massage on his sensitive zones and the add a change with one of these positions. Who said that you cannot have perfect sex? We believe, you can and you must you. Before we forget, throw in some interesting gym underwear that makes you sportier and yet add to the fun of exploring each others’ bodies.


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