Bedroom Tips for Men

Do this do that! – What women want: An advanced guide

Women are a mystery to most men and while the true intentions of a woman are quote unfathomable to them, there are some basic guidelines for pleasuring women. Pleasuring brings forth myriad proportions within its dimension. However, when it comes to love making, women are not as confused as in real! They do know what they want. Just that, most men fails to get a clue.

Hear it straight from the woman-

For the fairer sex, lovemaking is as much about passion as about fantasizes. And no, women are not all romantic without passion in bed. We well know that lovemaking needs to get wild and we do want orgasms hitting us like a truck on the highway.

Read up some of the most-wanted things women desire in bed. Warning—this is not for the wimpy men who thought women were mere puppets. They have as much grey matter as they have assets.


Yes we know, the heading beguiles you to laugh it out. Well, women do love some floral sessions. Instead of gifting her a bouquet, bring on some metals and surprise her with potpourri from Taha. Once the fragrance is set, she automatically climbs higher up the peak of sexual desire. Massage her breast just right and top up her peaks wit flower petals. Unravel her in parts as you cover her up and then remove the petals with kisses.

By the time you touch the hollowness below, she will already be in seventh heaven. Just get it in then!


For some reason women are fascinated with toys, especially soft and cuddly things that can be squeezed and held tight. We mean no baby’s stuff here. Get hands on some awesome sex toys. A whip could be a basic choice yes. Get a dildo. See how she plays with it. The more you allow a woman to self-love make, the better you get on your home turf. After all, practice does make one perfect!

The right toys will make her squeeze you and milk you as if you ooze out all that you have within. Get set for some hard milking rounds now.


Gold and precious stones have always been attractive for women. Move over these. Get some nipple jewelry for her. Most of my friends confess that they want their men to surprise them with sexy lingerie from online lingerie stores and spunk up their brownies with some exquisite sex jewelry. In fact, the idea of decking up her assets—lead you to touch her with passion automatically leads to her orgasm counter notching higher. The endnote to this could be a hard romp that makes her get madding-ly turned on for more!

Little things:

The small things make the greatest impressions on women. Remembering how she shies away on touching her curves. Or remembering how she loves to get caressed harder once you are in her—help make your woman feel happier and satiates her too! Nibble her right and enjoy a round worth more intensity and inputs.

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