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Cleavage your romp to a fun memory—A perspective with a C-turn

When was the last time you fantasized without imagining the biggest breasts you could ever want on your woman? For most men, big breasts and big buttocks are a heavenly combination that translates into an explosion amounting to fun memories. Here is to take on how most men eye the cleavage.

The Big C– For most men, the best of cleavage seem to fall way below their expectation—only if it belongs to his partner. The craziest part is that a number of guys complain about the inadequacy of the cleavage when it is part of his lover. If Sunny Leone flaunts even lesser stuff, that becomes juicy enough to get him hard. What women laugh about is, why do men seem to treat the cleavage like food at home? The same food served at a five-star becomes tastier but remains bland on your couch.

The intercourse C– Years of research has gone on to understanding how men fantasize on having an illusory intercourse with the cleavage. It has got a number of women in splits when their man goes all out and starry eyed at the prospect of grabbing breasts and then trying to make love on spot. The way men slip at the sight of  the thin line between the softest tissues you ever have,  is something that offers women a breezer.

Doll up the cleavage- The widest variety in love making comes from the cleavage. This is no vague claim but most couples who have been with each other for years admit that  the way the better half dolls up the cleavage with nipple jewelry from the online lingerie stores and the way they add a glam avatar to the droopy cleavage to get him high, is the reason why their love life remains charged up. For men who fail to peek past the breasts, teach them that your rack actually has the steam to get him rock hard.

Enroute to the “clea-max”– The cleavage is the one-way route to sensual territory. Instead of going for rough sex all the time that sees only physical longing, eye the cleavage and get it up by mildness and some sensuality that is soft. The way men ogle, while in bed, at her assets make women go weak. It is the wining point of lovemaking for men, if your partner pulls you into her breast bed to soak into. The cleavage reigns supreme. The more you direct your attention towards the folds of the assets in your girl, the more she will pull you deeper into her.

Last time I had a word with my bets mate, he said, “ The way I see my partner’s cleavage is akin to a hanger to scale the cliff of sex. Once the taut breasts are in sight with a line in between, all I long for is a deep fuck on the cleavage. Throw in a 69 and you could go all out in bed.”

A sweaty wrap up

The sweat that slips into the cleavage offers relief to deep seated passion. Foreplay gets more fun when your man digs and devours your assets as if they were pie. The naughty smile most women have in their lips then is a mischievous reminder that sex can indeed be fun without being animalistic always. Getting it light sometimes gets you more intense the next day. Thank God for the cleavage. The comic aspect of lovemaking makes sex more passionate over the year. Kudos to the cleavage!






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